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Housing in London: Addressing the crisis

A team of LSE London academics including Nancy Holman of the Department of Geography and Environment has secured significant HEIF5 research funding. The £99’000 award will support 14 months of research entitled ‘Housing in London: Addressing the crisis'.

About the project:

London’s housing crisis is real but responses to it are incoherent and weakly evidenced. Our goal is to influence local, London-wide and national housing policy and achieve improvements in London’s housing market, including more and higher-quality new construction, enhanced affordability and a better match between households and dwellings. Drawing on LSE London’s long experience of housing-related research and public engagement nationally and internationally we will identify the multiple roots of London’s housing crisis and focus on innovative solutions to develop a cross cutting, forward looking and evidence-based agenda for change and change management. This will help inform the political parties and stakeholders involved in the pre-election debate, manifestos and policy development. It will also allow us to evaluate post-election policy positions, looking forward to the Mayoral and local elections.

The project involves five themes that address the major barriers to improving the housing position in London and innovative ways forward through workshops, locally based visits and stakeholder focus groups. An overarching analysis will bring these interlinking themes together by entering the political debate at key points in the pre-election and immediate post-election timetable. Outputs will consist of seminars and other activities, some exemplifying specific issues and solutions at the local level, as well as more traditional involvement with stakeholders and political experts; blogs and videos critically examining and disseminating the key issues and innovations; the development of an agenda for change; and clarification of feasible policy approaches. The final output will be a report that will form the basis for monitoring change and a baseline for taking the analysis and debate forward to the Mayoral and local elections.

The major outcomes will include a road map for change directly addressing the housing crisis in London; a baseline for more coherent political debate; a starting point for evaluating policy initiatives; the better dissemination of LSE London research and a clear role for the institution in framing London wide housing policy.