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Cities, Space and Development Seminars

Cities, Space and Development Series

The Research Seminars in Cities, Space & Development are a series of expert-led discussions. Unless otherwise noted, the seminars take place at LSE on Tuesdays, 4:30pm-6pm in the New Academic Building, room NAB 1.07. The seminars are open to all.

Confirmed topics and speakers for the 2015-16 series can be seen below. If you have any queries please contact Dr Ryan Centner (r.o.centner@lse.ac.uk).

NOTE: If you do not have an LSE ID card, you can still attend these seminars. Please email r.o.centner@lse.ac.uk to be added to a guest list, or ask at the building's reception desk (facing Lincoln's Inn Fields) to wait for a Geography faculty member to direct you and other non-LSE attendees through security to the seminar room.

2015 – Michaelmas Term

6th October

“Migrant Infrastructure: Transaction Economies in Birmingham and Leicester”

Dr Suzanne Hall, Julia King, and Robin Finlay (LSE)

[followed by the launch of the “Ordinary Streets” film, based on Suzanne Hall’s research -- see https://lsecities.net/media/objects/events/ordinary-streets-film-launch]

13th October

“Toward an Epistemology of Southern Urbanism?”

Dr Seth Schindler (University of Sheffield)

20th October

“Hipsters on the High Street: Retail Gentrification, Class and Disgust”

Professor Phil Hubbard (University of Kent)

27th October

“Moderated: Police Violence and Social Media in Global Context”

Dr Graham Denyer-Willis (University of Cambridge)

5th November  ***NOTE atypical day -- Thursday, not Tuesday***

“The Durable Slum: Dharavi and the Right to Stay Put in Globalizing Mumbai”

Dr Liza Weinstein (Northeastern University)

10th November

“Foucault's Collaborative Projects: Hospitals, Habitat, and Public Infrastructure”

Professor Stuart Elden (University of Warwick)

17th November

“Governing the Multilevel Nature‐Society Impacts of Energy Transitions”

Dr Jennifer Baka (LSE)

24th November

“Social Polarisation in Global Cities: Measuring Changes in Income and Occupational Inequality”

Professor Owen Crankshaw (University of Cape Town)

1st December

“The Consolidation of South-South Development Cooperation 2.0: Opportunities, Challenges and Uncertainties in the Decade Ahead”

Dr Emma Mawdsley (University of Cambridge)

8th December

“Shifting Nicaraguan Mediascapes: The FSLN, Indigenous Land Rights and Media Convergence”

Dr Julie Cupples (University of Edinburgh)

2016 - Lent Term

19th January

"Household debt and the financialization of social reproduction: Theorising the UK housing and hunger crises”

Dr Adrienne Roberts, University of Manchester

26th January

"Urban middle classes and spatial politics in middle-income countries: Cultures of redevelopment from Rio de Janeiro to Istanbul”

Dr Ryan Centner, LSE

2nd February

"Grand Visions Fizzle: Aspirations and Marginality in Delhi"

Dr Kavita Ramakrishnan, University of East Anglia

9th February

"Dancing around urban cultural commodification: The Buenos Aires queer tango scene”

Dr J. Miguel Kanai (University of Sheffield)

23rd February

"On Architecture's Nationality: Mexico City, 1938-1963"

Dr Adam Kaasa (Director of Theatrum Mundi, LSE Cities/Royal College of Art)

1st March

"Dismantling the ‘wealthy middle class’: locating gentrification in Piketty’s long run of inequality”

Dr Antoine Paccoud (Visiting Fellow in LSE Geography & Environment)

8th March

"I wish they'd show us more solidarity': Bolivian Migrants' Lived Social Citizenship in Chile"

Dr Megan Ryburn (LSE Fellow in LSE Geography & Environment)

15th & 22nd March

Presentations by PhD students


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