LSE lecture with students

Putting Students 1st

What are we doing to improve your student experience?

We want your time at LSE to be the best it can be!

After listening to students, the Department of Geography and Environment are taking action to enhance your education and experience.

Find out more about what we have done so far to improve:



You said you wanted the Michael Wise Room timetable calendar published online at the begining of each week.

We now publish the Michael Wise Room schedule on Moodle every Monday during term time.  


You said you wanted greater academic support.

We have introduced Group Advisory Meetings with all students in all years.


You said you wanted more informal interactions with academic staff.

We have organised a series of parties and events to build a closer staff/student community.


You said that printing essays was costly and inconvenient.

We have introduced electronic essay submission via Moodle!


You said you wanted essay feedback faster.

We have committed to providing feedback on formative essays in 3 weeks and summative essays in 4 weeks (where possible).


You said you wanted feedback from your summer exams.

We have introduced feedback sessions with Academic Advisers in Michaelmas Term! We were the first department at LSE to do so.


You said you wanted more diverse learning opportunities.

We have organised new field trips, walking tours and events to help you learn outside the classroom.


You said you wanted better resources and study space in the Department.

We have revamped your common rooms and provided free tea and coffee! The refurbished Michael Wise Room opens in Lent Term.


You said you wanted first years to get advice from 2nd/3rd year students.

We have partnered with LSE LIFE to pilot a mentoring scheme!


You said you’d like a different brand of coffee that is more environmentally sustainable and ethical.

We have provided an alternative brand of Fairtrade tea and coffee. Enjoy!


You said You wanted different food for the ‘Lunchtime with an Academic series’.

We have provided a wide variety of pizza. We will also look into alternative options for the 2018/19 academic year.


You said you’d like your voices to be heard.

We have installed feedback stations in the common rooms and invited your reps to our committee meetings.