Elisabetta  Pietrostefani

Elisabetta Pietrostefani

PhD candidate in Regional and Urban Planning

Department of Geography and Environment

About me

Elisabetta holds a MSc in International Development with concentrations in Cities and the Middle East from Sciences-Po Paris. Prior to LSE, Elisabetta worked as a project manager in Beirut, Lebanon, where she managed the EU-funded project MEDNETA, aimed at regenerating historical neighbourhoods through creative industries. In the scope of her position she also contributed to several French Development Agency and World Bank projects.

As a PhD candidate in Regional and Urban Planning at the LSE, Elisabetta has widened her research on urban policies, focusing on conservation planning, the effects of density and compact urban form as well as the effects of drastic urban change on quality of life. Her research is divided in four distinct papers which examine urban policy from a legislative standpoint, through meta-analytic research, and in two empirical settings testing theoretical predictions by examining data on individuals and spatial market prices.

Elisabetta has recently collaborated with the Social Justice and the City Program at the American Univeristy of Beirut where she consulted on a project on Affordable Housing Opetions for Beirut. Elisabetta has recently contributed to an OECD working paper on Demystifying compact urban growth: Evidence from 300 studies from across the world. She was also awarded one of the 2018 RGS-IBG Postgraduate research awards to carry out quantitative data collection in Beirut, Lebanon as part of her PhD research.


  • Urban planning and public policies
  • Urban/Spatial Economics
  • Development strategies in post-conflict areas
  • Housing policy
  • Urban quality of life in Global South contexts

Academic Supervisors

Nancy Holman
Gabriel Ahlfeldt