Cong Peng

Cong Peng

PhD candidate in Economic Geography

Department of Geography and Environment

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I am a PhD student in Economic Geography at London School of Economics, and a researcher in the project of Urbanisation in Developing Countries. Currently I have two strands of ongoing research. One looks at how different institutions affect the spatial structure in African cities and the implications of this for public service provision in urban areas based on satellite images. The other explores how innovations in transportation and e-commerce impact levels of air pollution and traffic congestion in Chinese cities.

Research interests

Advanced service center
Urban sprawl
Smart cities

Methods used/expertise

Economic modelling
GIS programming 
Remote sensing


GY460 Techniques of Spatial Economic Analysis, 2018
MY451 Introductory to Quantitative Analysis, 2017
GIS workshop 2016,2017,2018

Academic Supervisors

Steve Gibbons
Olmo Silva

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