Dr Susanne Frick

Dr Susanne Frick

Affiliate Postdoc Researcher

Department of Geography and Environment

About me

Dr Susanne Frick is an Affiliate Postdoc Researcher, having joined the department since completing her PhD in Economic Geography in 2017.

She focuses on urbanization, cities and economic growth as well as industrial policies in developing countries. She holds a PhD in Economic Geography from LSE and was awarded the 2017 PhD Student Award of the Regional Studies Association.

Susanne is also a consultant with the World Bank’s Trade & Competitiveness Practice, where, among other things, she co-led the research team of a recent report on Special Economic Zones in developing countries.

Prior to the PhD, Susanne worked for several years with Dalberg Global Development Advisors, supporting international organizations and governments such as the Gates Foundation and the International Trade Centre in their strategic planning processes. She spent two years in Guatemala, working for Fundesa, a private sector funded think tank, and in close collaboration with the Guatemalan Ministry of Economy on economic policies for the country.