Dr Kirstie  O'Neill

Dr Kirstie O'Neill

LSE Fellow in Environment

Department of Geography and Environment

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STC 3.17, St Clement's Building, LSE
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Kirstie joined LSE as a Fellow in Environment in 2016, having previously held post-doctoral research positions at the Universities of Hull (2011-2014, 2015-2016) and Lancaster (2014-2015, and 2016). She holds a PhD in Human Geography from the University of Hull (2012). Kirstie’s research interests focus broadly on sustainability, in particular sustainability transitions, alternative food systems, and sustainable building. She is also interested in policy networks and governance for sustainability, and how more environmentally positive ways of living can be encouraged.

Ongoing research projects include energy consumption in the laboratory (with colleagues from Lancaster University), the role of green entrepreneurs and the green economy (with colleagues from the University of Hull), urban sustainability and green building (with colleagues from the Universities of Hull, Cologne and Luxembourg), and sustainable food consumption practices (with colleagues from Lancaster University).

Kirstie was previously awarded a British Academy small grant to examine green building and sustainability transitions in Germany, which involved research across Germany with green building entrepreneurs, policy makers and architects.  

Selected publications

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