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Anne Phillips, FBA


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Office: CON.5.07, Connaught House

Anne Phillips, FBA

Professor of Political and Gender Theory

Gender Institute and Government Department

Email: A.Phillips@lse.ac.uk|

Room:  CON.5.07, Connaught House, Aldwych, LSE

Anne Phillips is Professor of Political and Gender Theory in the LSE Gender Institute and the Graham Wallas Professor of Political Science in the Department of Government.

Professor Phillips is on sabbatical for the 2013/14 academic year.

She joined the LSE in 1999 as Professor of Gender Theory, and was Director of the Gender Institute until September 2004. She subsequently moved to a joint appointment between the Gender Institute and Government Department. She is a leading figure in feminist political theory, and writes on issues of bodies and property, democracy and representation, equality, multiculturalism, and difference. Much of her work can be read as challenging the narrowness of contemporary liberal theory.

In 1992, she was co-winner of the American Political Science Association's Victoria Schuck Award for Best Book on Women and Politics published in 1991 (awarded for Engendering Democracy). She was awarded an honorary Doctorate from the University of Aalborg in 1999; was appointed Adjunct Professor in the Political Science Programme of the Research School of Social Sciences, Australian National University, 2002-6; and was elected a Fellow of the British Academy in 2003. In 2008, she received a Special Recognition Award from the Political Studies Association, UK, for her contribution to Political Studies. In 2012, she was awarded the title Graham Wallas Professor of Political Science.

Recent Research Projects

In 2002-4, she carried out a Nuffield funded research project on tensions between sexual and cultural equality in the British courts. See the women and cultural diversity database http://webdb.lse.ac.uk/gender/|; See final report for this project|.

In 2005-7 she worked with Sawitri Saharso, Vrei Universitat, Amsterdam, on a cross European collaboration (also funded by Nuffield) that has explored issues of gender and culture in their specifically European context. This involved two conferences, one in London in 2005 and the other in Amsterdam in 2006, and led to a special issue of the journal 'The Rights of Women and Crisis of Multiculturalism' Ethnicities 8 (3) 2008. See final report|.

She is currently working on a book on Body Property, to be published by Princeton University Press in 2012.

She is co-editing, with Sumi Madhok and Kalpana Wilson, Gender, Agency, and Coercion, to be published by Palgrave Press, 2012.

She is writing 'A Reluctant Cosmopolitan' for a forthcoming collection edited by Paul Dumouchel & Reiko Gotoh on Bonds and Boundaries: New Perspectives on Justice and Culture; 'The Power of Authenticity', for a forthcoming collection edited by Geoffrey Brahm Levey on Autonomy, Authenticity, Culture; and 'Does the Body make a Difference?' for the forthcoming collection edited by Sumi Madhok, Anne Phillips and Kalpana Wilson, Gender, Agency, and Coercion.

Recent Books

Our Bodies Whose Property
Our Bodies, Whose Property?| by Anne Phillips (2013)

Drawing on analyses of rape, surrogacy, and markets in human organs, Our Bodies, Whose Property? challenges notions of freedom based on ownership of our bodies and argues against the normalization of markets in bodily services and parts. Anne Phillips explores the risks associated with metaphors of property and the reasons why the commodification of the body remains problematic.
Gender, Agency and Coercion
Gender, Agency and Coercion| (eds) Sumi Madhok, Anne Phillips, Kalpana Wilson (2013)

This collection aims to think critically about agency and explore the relationship between agency and coercion in a range of regional, intellectual, ethical and political contexts. Contributions from Samantha Ashenden, Ngaire Donaghue, Mary Evans, Rosalind Gill, Clare Hemmings, Marsha Henry, Kimberly Hutchings, Emily Jackson, Amal Treacher Kabesh, Lois McNay, Sadie Wearing and Heather Widdows. 


Gender and Culture|, Polity Press, 2010 

The idea that respect for cultural diversity conflicts with gender equality is now a staple of both public and academic debate. In this volume, Anne Phillips firmly rejects the notion that 'culture' might justify the oppression of women, but also queries the stereotypical binaries that have represented people from ethnocultural minorities as peculiarly resistant to gender equality.
  • Which Equalities Matter? Polity Press, 1999, pp 159.
  • Oxford Handbook of Political Theory, co-edited with John Dryzek and Bonnie Honig, Oxford, 2006, pp 883.
  • Multiculturalism without Culture, Princeton, June 2007.
  • Listen to Anne on new podcast from Philosophy Bites on political representation.

Recent and Forthcoming Articles

  • ‘Inequality and the Market: Response to Jessica Flanigan’ forthcoming Political Theory, 2013
  • ‘Does the Body Make a Difference? In Sumi Madhok, Anne Phillips and Kalpana Wilson (eds) Gender, Agency and Coercion, forthcoming Palgrave Macmillan , January 2013
  • ‘Representation and Inclusion’, in Amy Mazur and Karen Celis (eds) Hanna Pitkin’s “Concept of Representation” Revisited, forthcoming Politics and Gender , 2012
  • ‘It’s My Body and I’ll Do What I Like With It: Bodies as Objects and Property’ Political Theory 39/6, 2011: 724 - 748
  • 'Komplexitaten der Einwilligung: Juriristische Diskurse um Zwangsehen in Grossbritannien', in Elisabeth Holzleithner, Ines Roessel, and Sabine Strasser (eds) Multikulturalismus queer gelesen. Zwangsverheiratung und gleichgeschlechtliche Ehe in pluralen Gesellschaften.Campus, New York and Frankfurt am Main, Campus, 2010: 182-201
  • 'Multiculturalism' in David Edmonds and Nigel Warburton (eds) Philosophy Bites Oxford, Oxford University Press, 2010:68-76
  • (with Moira Dustin) 'Initiatives Britanniques Concernant les Mariages Forces: reglementation, dialogue et strategie de sortie' in Gily Coene et Chia Longman (eds) Feminisme et Multiculturalisme: les Paradoxes du Debat Brussels, Peter Lang, 2010: 33-54
  • What's wrong with Essentialism?' Distinktion, 20, 2010: 47-60
  • 'Religion: Ally, Threat or Just Religion?' in Anne Phillips and Jose Casanova A Debate on the Public Role of Religion and its Social and Gender Implications Gender and Development Paper 5, UNRISD, Geneva, pp 35-58
  • 'More on Culture and Representation' Social and Legal Studies, 17(4) 2008: 555-558
  • 'Egalitarians and the Market: Dangerous Ideals' Social Theory and Practice, 34 (3) 2008: 439-462
  • 'Free to Decide for Oneself' in Daniel O'Neill, Mary Lyndon Shanley, and Iris Marion Young (eds) The Illusion of Consent Pennsylvania State University Press, 2008: 99-118
  • (with Sawitri Saharso) 'The Rights of Women and Crisis of Multiculturalism', introduction to special issue of Ethnicities, co-edited with Sawitri Saharso, 8 (3) 2008: 291-301
  • (with Moira Dustin) 'Whose Agenda Is It? Abuses of Women and Abuses of 'Culture' in Britain' Ethnicities, 8 (3), 2008: 405-424
  • 'What is Culture?' in Barbara Arneil, Monique Deveaux ,Rita Dhamoon, and Avigail Eisenberg (eds) Sexual Justice/Cultural Justice Routledge, 2006: 15-29
  • '"Really" Equal: Opportunities and Autonomy' Journal of Political Philosophy, 14/1, 2006: 18-32
  • 'Between Norms and Practicalities: a Response to Sawitri Saharso' Ethnicities 5/2, 2005: 271-274
  • 'Dilemmas of Gender and Culture: the judge, the democrat and the political activist' in A Eisenberg and J Spinner Halev (eds) Minorities within Minorities: Equality, Rights and Diversity, Cambridge University Press, 2005:113-134
  • (with Moira Dustin)'UK Initiatives on Forced Marriage: Regulation, Dialogue and Exit' Political Studies, 52, October 2004: 531-551
  • 'Defending Equality of Outcome' Journal of Political Philosophy, 12/1, 2004: 1-19
  • 'Identity Politics: Have We Now Had Enough?' in J. Andersen and B. Siim (eds) The Politics of Inclusion and Empowerment: Gender, Class and Citizenship Palgrave Macmillan, 2004: 36-48
  • 'Democracy, Recognition, and Power' in Fredrik Engelstad and Oyvind Osterud (eds) Power and Democracy: Critical Interventions Ashgate, 2004: 57-78
  • 'Recognition and the Struggle for Political Voice' in Barbara Hobson (ed) Recognition Struggles and Social Movements: Contested Identities, Agency and Power Cambridge University Press, 2003: 263-273
  • 'When Culture Means Gender: Issues of Cultural Defence in the British Courts' Modern Law Review 66, 2003: 510-531
  • 'Multiculturalism, universalism and the claims of democracy' in M.Molyneux and S.Razavi (eds) Gender Justice, Development and Rights, Oxford University Press, 2002:115-138
  • (Also published as Programme Paper 7, Democracy, Governance and Human Rights, United Nations Research Institute for Social Development, 2001)

Selected Other Publications

  • Feminism and Politics, collection of readings with introduction. Oxford Readings in Feminism, series editors Teresa Brennan and Susan James, Oxford University Press, 1998, pp471
  • The Politics of Presence, Clarendon Press, Oxford, 1995, pp209 - Published in Oxford Political Theory, series editors David Miller and Alan Ryan. Second edition 1998.
    Swedish translation Narvarons Politik Studentlitteratur, 2000.
    Italian translation of Chapter 2 published in Info/Quaderni VI, n 7-9, 2000-12-18
  • Democracy and Difference Polity Press and Pennsylvania State University Press, 1993, pp175
  • Destabilising Theory: Contemporary Feminist Debates, co-edited with Michele Barrett, Polity Press and Stanford University Press, 1992, pp224. Second English edition, 1998; Mexican edition,1999
  • Engendering Democracy Polity Press and Pennsylvania State University Press, 1991, pp183
  • Co-winner of American Political Science Association's Victoria Schuck Award for Best Book on Women and Politics published in 1991
    Spanish edition, 1994; German edition 1995; Turkish edition, 1995; Mexican edition, 1996; second English edition, 1997; Croatian edition 2000; Slovenian edition, 2002
  • The Enigma of Colonialism: British Policy in West Africa Indiana University Press and James Currey, 1989, pp184
  • Divided Loyalties: Dilemmas of Sex and Class Virago, 1987, pp192
  • Feminism and Equality (edited readings with an introductory essay), Blackwell and New York University Press, 1987, pp202
  • Hidden Hands: Women and Economic Policies Pluto Press, 1983, pp116 



Public Ethics Radio

New Episode: Anne Phillips on Ownership and the Body| 28.4.10

Is the human body a piece of property? We certainly object to the sale of whole human beings, but what about cases where a person merely wants to sell a part of her body? If I am free to donate my organs, why am I not free to sell them as well? For Professor Anne Phillips, the problem lies in treating the body as property, analogous to any other commodity.



On 29 September 2010, Anne Phillips was the first speaker in the Gender Institute's 2010-11 public lecture series with her lecture "It's My Body and I'll Do What I Like With It": Bodies as Possessions and Objects. Click here| for more information on this event.