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Hazel Johnstone MBE
Departmental Manager
Room COL.5.01L (via COL.5.01K), Columbia House
Email: h.johnstone@lse.ac.uk

Visiting Fellows at the Gender Institute

The Gender Institute welcomes visiting academics and recognises the value of a wider academic community to the research life of the Institute. We have a thriving Visiting Fellows programme and are happy to receive requests from individuals who are working in one of our research priority areas.

Our Research Priority Areas

The research work of the Gender Institute is critical, transnational, and interdisciplinary. Our research is variously positioned in relation to different fields of study within the social sciences and humanities, but in each case, the focus on gender means testing conventional disciplinary boundaries and developing alternative methodologies. All the work addresses, in some way, the tenacity of gender power relations and gendered inequalities in a period of global transformation.

Bodies and sexualities

Research in this field includes analysis of the body as property, and body as commodity, and what, if anything, makes the body special.  It also addresses the relationship between gender and sexuality, with an emphasis on local and transnational spaces and flows.

Gender and social policy

Using a gendered perspective, research in this theme documents social, economic and political change and critically analyses individual, family, and policy responses, using both cross-national comparative methodologies and in-depth case studies.

Representation, narrative and culture

This theme brings together colleagues working on gendered representations in film, literature and theory. The work addresses ageing and subjectivity, affect, classed dimensions of narrative, and the history of feminist theory.

Globalisation, development and inequalities

Research in this theme includes social and economic transformation in the global North and South, focusing on gendered relations, on rights, citizenship and social justice, and resilience and change with respect to work, security, migration, poverty and the social reproduction of daily life.

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Kimberle Crenshaw - LSE Centennial Professor at the Gender Institute 2016