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Naila Kabeer

British Council publication on working with women and girls

The British Council has published Naila Kabeer's study on 'Women and Girls: the British Council approach' and this is now available online. In this study Naila explores how women and girls can be empowered to promote gender equality through public life, sport and peacekeeping.


Women's claims-making project: Naila Kabeer's contribution now available online

Naila Kabeer's thematic study: 'Women Workers and the Politics of Claims-Making in a Globalizing Economy' is now available online. This study was prepared for the UNRISD project on 'When and Why do States Respond to Women's Claims? Understanding Gender-Egalitarian Policy Change in Asia'. 


'Cohesion is key to fostering gender inequality' by Professor Diane Perrons

Professor Diane Perrons (Director of the Gender Institute) has written an article for the European Progressive Observatory. The article, 'Cohesion is key to fostering gender inequality', discusses how women have been adversely affected by changes in the labour market wrought by neo-liberalism, while their social position means they have often been hardest hit by post-crisis austerity policies.

Diane Perrons

Professor Diane Perrons has contribited to the European Commission's report on 'Visions for Gender Equality'

The European Commission has published a report on the 'Visions for Gender Equality', in which Professor Diane Perrons, Director of the Gender Institute and Professor of Economic Geography and Gender Studies, has written a chapter. Her chapter is 'Gender equality in times of inequality, crisis and austerity: towards gender-sensitive macroeconomic policies'. The report can be accessed online here.


The Gender Institute welcomes the opening of the new International Inequalities Institute

Diane Perrons (Director of the Gender Institute) and Naila Kabeer (Professor of Gender and Development at the Gender Institute) joined Thomas Piketty (Pictured and Centennial Professor at LSE’s new International Inequalities Institute), Lisa McKenzie (Research Fellow in the Department of Sociology at LSE) and Stephanie Seguino (Professor of Economics at the University of Vermont, USA) on a panel discussion on ‘Gender and Everyday Life’. This panel was part of the conference on ‘Inequality in the 21st Century: a Day Long Engagement with Thomas Piketty’, which took place just before the opening of the new International Inequalities Institute. The new International Inequalities Institute website is now available to access online. 


The Gender Institute's Graduate Working Paper series available online

The papers published here as the first set in the ‘Gender Institute Graduate Working Papers’ series are a selection from those given at the one-day conference held on Friday 13th March 2015. MSc students on the course gave short papers on themed panels as part of their assessments, and spent the day encouraging one another and providing useful feedback for subsequent essays.


Gender, Inequality and Power Commission

The Gender Institute hosts the LSE Commission on Gender, Inequality and Power. The Commission is designed to draw on LSE research and external experts to provide theoretical and empirical knowledge to inform public and policy debates in the UK concerned with understanding and addressing the complex and multidimensional character of inequality and power imbalances between women and men. The Commission is examining issues within politics, law, the economy, and media and culture, and it is co-directed by Professors Diane Perrons and Nicola Lacey (pictured).

Professor Diane Perrons led a public lecture on 'Gender, Inequality and Power' to introduce the Commission. Please click here to access the podcast of this lecture.


Call for Papers - Gender and the Politics of Shame

Deadline for abstracts: September 1, 2015

Dr Clara Fischer, GI Newton International Fellow, has organised a conference to be held at LSE on 14 November 2015. Abstracts of up to 500 words are now invited on the conference theme, "Gender and the Politics of Shame", for submission by 1st September.

Naila Kabeer

Professor Naila Kabeer on 'Inequality: The Great Paradox of our Time'

Professor Naila Kabeer, Professor of Gender and Development at the Gender Institute, has contributed to the pamphlet produced by the Labour Campaign for International Development on 'Beyond Aid: Labour's Ambition for a Radical Development Agenda'. The pamphlet is available to download here and Naila's article is called 'Inequality: The Great Paradox of our Time'.

Diane Perrons

Professor Dianne Perrons speaks at conference on 'The Challenge of Economic Inequality to Recovery and Wellbeing'

Professor Diane Perrons, Director of the Gender Institute, spoke at the Annual Conference on ‘The Challenge of Economic Inequality to Recovery and Wellbeing’, which was co-hosted by TASC (Think-tank for Action on Social Change) and FEPS (the Foundation for European Progressive Studies). Her talk was on ‘Finance, austerity and inequality: towards gender equitable alternatives’. To listen to her talk at the conference, please click here