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Upcoming Events

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David L. Eng

Reparations and the Human|

Tuesday 5 May | 6.30-8pm | New Theatre, East Building

David L. Eng is Richard L. Fisher Professor of English at The University of Pennsylvania. His areas of specialization include American literature, Asian American studies, Asian diaspora, psychoanalysis, critical race theory, queer studies, gender studies, and visual culture.


Inequality in the 21st Century: A Day Long Engagement with Thomas Piketty|

Monday 11 May | 10am-5pm | Old Theatre, Old Building

The new International Inequalities Institute at the LSE is thrilled to be holding a day-long seminar with Thomas Piketty, whose Capital in the Twenty-First Century has been of global significance in shaping debates about inequality across the globe.

Four separate sessions will be held and Thomas Piketty will be present throughout:

10.15-11.30am: Economics, Political Economy and Democracy
11.45am-1.00pm: Gender and Everyday Life 
2-3.15pm: Accumulation and Timespaces of Class 
3.30-4.45pm: The Policy Implications

***Please book your place at the Gender and Everyday Life| session.


Gender and Everyday Life|

There will be a session on 'Gender and Everyday Life' during the conference, Inequality in the 21st Century: A Day Long Engagement with Thomas Piketty. Thomas Piketty’s Capital in the Twenty-First Century highlights the magnitude of contemporary inequality, how it has come about, why it matters, and what might be done about it. Introducing a feminist perspective enhances his analysis by not only pointing to the gendered composition of contemporary inequality but by introducing an inter-disciplinary perspective capable of examining the multiple ways in which inequalities are naturalised, legitimated and experienced in everyday life. Speakers include: Professor Stephanie Seguino, Dr Lisa McKenzie and Professor Naila Kabeer. The event will be ticketed, with further details to be announced in April. 


Decolonizing Gender|

Monday 18 May | 6.30-8pm | Sheikh Zayed Theatre, New Academic Building

Raewyn Connell is Professor Emerita at the University of Sydney, and one of Australia's leading social scientists.  Her most recent books are Southern Theory (2007), about social thought beyond the global metropole; Confronting Equality (2011), about social science and politics; and Gender: In World Perspective (3rd edn, with Rebecca Pearse, 2015).  Her other books include Masculinities, Schools & Social Justice, Ruling Class Ruling Culture, Gender & Power, and Making the Difference. Her work has been translated into eighteen languages.  She has taught at universities in Australia, Canada and the USA, in departments of sociology, political science, and education, and is a long-term participant in the labour movement and peace movement.  Details can be found at her website www.raewynconnell.net|.

Hosted in association with Feminist Theory| as their annual public lecture. Feminist Theory is an international peer reviewed journal that provides a forum for critical analysis and constructive debate within feminism.