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Confronting Gender Inequality in Uncertain Times

A review of developments affecting gender inequality since the launch of the Gender, Inequality and Power Commission report in 2015

Date: Wednesday 11 January 2017
Time: 6.30-8pm, followed by a Reception
Venue: Old Theatre, Old Building* Speakers:

  • Dr Hannah Hamad
  • Maria Miller, MP
  • Professor Diane Perrons
  • Justine Thornton, QC

Chair: Professor Tony Travers

This event is free and open to all - no tickets required.

*please see here for maps and directions to LSE.



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Kimberlé Crenshaw and Devon Carbado

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Wednesday 21st September 2016


Sumi Madhok

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Wednesday 28th September 2016


Sonia Corrêa and Emily Jackson 

Abortion Frontlines: the Latin American context
Thursday 13th October 2016



Sonia Correa and Andrea Cornwall

Development and Sexual Justice
Wednesday 19th October 2016




Mary Evans, Sarah Childs, Emma Crewe, Mona Morgan-Collins and Sam Smethers

Women in Politics: change and continuity

Wednesday 26th October 2016


Punam Yadav, Marsha Henry, David N. Gellner, Christine Chinkin

Social Transformation in Post Conflict Nepal: A Gender Perspective

Tuesday 8th November 2016


Grace Lordan and Jörn-Steffen Pischke

Does Rosie Like Riveting? Male and Female Occupational Choices       

Wednesday 23rd November 2016