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Hazel Johnstone MBE

Departmental Manager



Dr Kate Steward

Manager (Taught Programmes, Events)



Welcome to the LSE Gender Institute Alumni Homepage. 

We make every effort to follow the progress of our students and keep in touch. The information  in the drop down menu (to the right of the screen) is correct to our knowledge as at 07/06/2010 and we have tried to incorporate the date at the time. We are writing in the present tense throughout so please excuse this: at the very least it gives applicants the chance to see what our degrees can lead to.

Do remember that not everyone decides on a career move right away.  At least three alumni from 2008 are only now applying for PhDs or Law School, so this site looks further behind than it actually is.

Also everything is put up on the web by the date of the degree, so if you are looking for an old classmate, s/he may have written something recently, so do look up your year.

Also, see the right of the screen to join the Gender Institute Facebook page and the GI Continuum, an alumni-run network for past and present GI students.  Hazel and James often log on to share news of job opportunities and events that may be of interest to GI alumni.


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