GI Alumni Destinations 2000 onwards

last updated 13/04/2010.  Please do write to me| and let us know what you are up to - otherwise we never know!


Monica Stephen (p/t GSP 2006-08) has recently begun work as a Researcher, Migration and Human Trafficking, Commonwealth Parliamentary Association UK.

Natalie Hanman (p/t GSP 2006-08) has moved across to Comment at the Guardian.


Ciara Daniels (GDG) has just started an UN-INSTRAW position on the Gender, Peace and Security programme in the Dominican Republic.

Zoe Palmer (Gender) is part of the Women's Economic Participation Team  in the Government Equalities Office.

Hilde Roren  (GDG) is at the Women's Budget Group based in London.


Natacha Bobin (G & M) has joined the International HIV/AIDS Alliance, as senior advisor supporting the Communications and Resource Mobilisation Department.

Lora Forsythe has just  completed an MSc in Gender & Social Policy whilst working at the Refugee Council.  Here is a sample| of her work on older refugees whilst there (link to the Refugee Council website).  Lora is now working at the Centre of Economic and Social Inclusion (December 2007).

Margrethe Kleiber is back living in Virginia till next summer.

Hatty Oliver (Gender) has begun her first year of a PhD at Goldsmiths.

Naomi Phillips has been awarded the Fawcett Prize for 2005/6 - this award is funded by the Fawcett Society for best overall performance in each year's MSc in Gender and Social Policy, and decided at the exam board for the degree in October. She is now working at the British Humanist Association (December 2007).

Tania Saeed (GDG) I started my PhD (DPhil) in Education at the University of Oxford in 2008. 'I am exploring the experiences, encounters, approaches and responses to Islamophobia by Pakistani and British Pakistani female students in universities in England.' (March 2010).

Neda Semnani (GSP) writes 26/9/08, "am currently at the media outlet, Congressional Quarterly ( and I am staff writer, reporter, and researcher focusing on all things Congress. "

Sarah Smaller-Swift (GSP) is a Manager in Deloitte Consulting’s financial services human capital advisory practice. She focuses on organizational transformations, operating model design, governance, strategic change, communications and talent management for the banking, securities, insurance and investment management sectors.

Dikshya Thapa (GDG) has begun her first year of a PhD in the sociology department at Brown University.  Her topic is broadly on social/critical theory particularly Gramsci and Foucault, third world feminism, and political economy of development focusing on trade, institutions and growth.


Alisha Fernandez (GDG) wrote in April 08, "back in London now, working for a consultancy called Archimede, a company of Changing Our World ,a New York based philanthropic services firm. My focus is on corporate social engagement consulting (quite relevant to my dissertation, actually), and I'm very glad to be back in London and launching our office over here".  Alisha recently talked to our new cohort of 70 (!) on behalf of UNIFEM, which we much appreciate.

Daniel Danso (G&M) is a client manager for the Diversity Champions Programme , Stonewall, ensuring that organizations have inclusive and positive environments for LGB employees and customers.

Jennifer Schulte (G-R) is working as Protection Program Intern - Livelihoods with Women's Commission for Refugee Women and Children in New York.

Michelle Gentile (GSP) has just begun work with the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation. (June 06) - stop press.  Michelle is now working for Oxfam Canada (June 07).

Nkechi Eke (GDG) has (just) been appointed Regional Gender Advisor for West Africa, Oxfam GB (June 06)

Liza Taylor (Gender) has landed an internship with the UNDP Gender Unit in New York (November 2005).  

Carter-Ann Mahdavi (GSP) is working at the Fawcett Society in London.

Beth Sousa (GSP) has won a WREI fellowship (on Capitol Hill)

Lauren Teichner was  the Fawcett Prizewinner for 2004/5 -  Lauren writes, "I absolutely loved my year at LSE, in both the Gender Institute and the Department of Social Policy, and owe much of that wonderful experience to my tutor, Wendy Sigle-Rushton. Thank you again for selecting me, and for working so hard to create such fantastic academic programs!"  Lauren is in her first semester at law school.

Joanne Kalogeras (Gender) is  into her 3rd year of a PhD at the Gender Institute, and Marina Franchi (G & M) has also joined us.


Ethel Tungohan (7 September 06) writes, 'hope you remember me - I was at the LSE from 2003-2004, studying gender. I absolutely loved my time at the department. Soon after graduating, I received a human rights fellowship to work for an NGO in India for a year, and afterwards, worked for a human rights NGO in Geneva and a women's health policy think tank in my hometown of Vancouver. Right now, I am in my first year of the Political Science PhD program at the University of Toronto'.

from Corine Dhondee (Gender), 'just heard from Hildur, she will be doing a JPO with Unifem in Barbados, and Eirin starts in New York with the UN, Sharifah was offered a position with the UN in Malaysia, and Nanda has a lovely development job in Germany.' (21 June 06)

Manilee Bagheritari (Gender) firstly worked as a research associate at the Gender Equality and Development (GED) section of UNESCO. She did the background research for several publications and the programs at GED; currently she is working  on Culture and HIV/ AIDS programme on/projects dealing with research and training. Here is a co-authored article "Cultures, Conventions, and the Human Rights of Women"published on about a complex relation between cultural rights and women's. link to the article|

Melissa Fernandez (G&D) is now back at LSE, doing a PhD in Sociology with Suki Ali.  She wrote earlier this summer to Hazel, "My project is on how women are organizing (politically or otherwise) around changes (both social and physical) within Puerto Rico's low-income housing projects. It is a study about the relationship between space/place and gender, looking at PR and the housing projects themselves as post-colonial spaces. I'll be going back to Puerto Rico the first week of August to carry out my field research (for a whole year!). "

Krittika Ghosh (Gender) is currently working as a Community Education and Outreach Coordinator for CONNECT, an organisation working on the prevention of gender based violence and family violence in New York.  She is the coordinator for Queens and a lot of work is providing technical assistance to community based organisations to do work around domestic violence, particularly to immigrant communities and communities of colour. (November 2005)

Nadja Dolata (G & D) is working for UNDP Bratislava Regional Centre for Europe and CIS as a project consultant/associate managing the implementation of the 'capacity building for more effective gender mainstreaming' phase II project, which includes budgeting, monitoring, evaluation and reporting.

Tracey Jensen (Gender) is at the Open University, in  a PhD with Ros Gill. 

Naureen Khan (G &M) is working as European & International Policy Officer at the Commission for Racial Equality in London

Catherine O'Rourke  graduated in 2004 on the Gender and Development Programme. She has been appointed Lecturer in Human Rights/International Law & Gender Research Coordinator, Transitional Justice Institute at the University of Ulster. She has been awarded the Basil Chubb Prize| for her PhD.

"I can honestly say that any academic success I've achieved since at LSE is all down to the enormous amount I learned with the Gender Institute. Having survived (and enjoyed!) such a demanding intellectual environment, I was well-equipped to take my feminist curiosity to other venues and other projects." - Catherine

Carla Murphy (G & D) writes 12/1/05  "I've recently landed an editorial traineeship (Editorial Ass't) with O, The Oprah Magazine here in New York. My job's all about pitching stories to the editors and I'm all about Gender & Development!"  She'd also like alum to know of her position so that if they have any great stories, please can you forward them on at|

Almas Sayeed writes (October 2007) 'I transitioned from the think tank world where I was focusing on economic policy to a position with a Senator in Congress. A couple of months ago, I accepted an administrative appointment with the office of the Governor of New York, primarily based in DC. I focus on federal economic policy, including anti-poverty programs, housing and development. It has been a full and interesting few months but I am excited to go back to school.' Almas is applying to go to Law School and thus to a PhD in the future.


Cecilia Roccato (Gender) writes in March 2006, 'Right after leaving LSE I started an internship with the World Food Programme (WFP), a United Nation organization working in emergency situation, based in Rome, Italy. I worked in the WFP Gender Unit, mainly looking for background material for a policy paper on food-assisted training programmes. I knew about the internship thanks to an email you forwarded to us from a former LSE Gender student. After the internship they asked me to stay on and work in a big institutional baseline survey on the implementation of WFP's Gender Policy. For almost 2 years I worked on this project, designing the survey material
(questionnaires, training material etc.), training focal points on the survey implementation all around the world, providing support from headquarters and traveling to a number of countries to help them writing
reports on the findings of the survey. The work was very interesting and challenging, and I wanted to move further
and go to the field. So I applied for a fellowship sponsored by the Italian government and then since January I am in Quito, Ecuador, still working with WFP. I am mainly responsible of an alphabetization project carried out by
local government and supported by WFP through food rations given to women to ensure their participation.
I am also giving training on Gender and Food Security and Gender and HIV/AIDS.
I would love to get in touch with people from my course!! My private email is:|'

Gwen Beetham (Gender) is a program associate at the National Council for Research on Women in New York City.  She does research and coordinating work for a lot of the programs at NCRW; currently researching for several of their main projects: women leaders in higher education and diversity; economic security of women; government information on/programs dealing with women that have gone missing (in the last couple of years).  Here is an recently article| published on| about a report she's been working on regarding the deletion and distortion of information about women from US government websites and publications (read: since the Bush administration!).    Gwen has now joined our PhD programme (October 2007).

Barkha Goel (Gender and Media) writes 21/2/05 "I am really grateful to the Gender Institute staff as the LSE course at the Gender institute has helped me shift careers from media to the development sector and grapple with some issues from a broader perspective. I am working as a Programme Officer with the German Technical Cooperation, Delhi (India) and involved with issues like Reproductive and Child Health, Adolescent Health and Sexuality, transgender communities, etc that are close to my heart."  Barkha would love to hear from her old classmates - her email is|.  UPDATE June 2008. Barkha is now National Co-ordinator for Gender for GTZ India. "My work will involve mainstreaming gender / analysis in government policies and schemes across sectors of health, education, energy, etc. "

Jitiya Purksametanan (Gender) is now a civil servant, working for the Office of Women's Affairs and Family Relations in the Ministry of Social Development and Human Security in Thailand.

Martha Rohani (GSP) worked at the Fawcett Society as an intern before travelling to Yemen, and teaching junior youth and children.  She recently sent an email| detailing her experiences which may be of interest (a bit too long to replicate on this page)

Rachael Saunders (G & SP) writes April 2004, "I am now the Labour Party Women's Officer, responsible for overseeing all our positive action etc in selections, and getting women into every level of government, amongst lots of other things.  It made it much easier to explain what experience and understanding of the issues I had to just say to people that I did Gender and Social Policy at the LSE!"

Jane Collier (Gender) is working at the British Dental Association, addressing policies on equality and representation.

Nana Sekyiamah (G & D) writes, "I have set up a Social Enterprise with my business partner Alberta Stevens. We are both directors of the organisation which is called Southern Narratives. It is a development education and training consultancy which works both in the public and private sectors. As a Social Enterprise we are a company with charitable objectives reinvesting our profits back into the company, our employees and the community.  I am coordinating a DFID run project which involves training a group of African women active in the community to facilitate development education sessions in schools. As part of the project I am coordinating a Research and Dialogue phase with both prospective schools and participants in order to determine what they would like to see included in the project."


Jess Pring-Ellis (G & M) writes 23/7/04 "I'm now a strategic planner at Bray Leino advertising agency, providing cultural observations and insights on the target audience of the products that we advertise such as Wrigleys Extra Gum, 4Head and Blistex amongst others. I'm hoping that by keeping informed, in a gender studies sense, I can do my bit for positive female representation in advertising!"

Karin Heisecke (GSP) is Programme Coordination Officer at the UNFPA (United Nations Population Fund) Brussels Office (before that, she was Director of the AEA comparative women's studies in Europe programme)

Sherry Chopra (G&D) is at Southall Black Sisters;

Helena Chui (Gender) writes (September 2005), "I'm doing PhD Developmental Psychology, University of Florida. My advisor is Dr. Manfred Diehl and I'm working on studies in older people".

Both Carolyn Pedwell and Elisabeth Kelan (both Gender) have returned to the GI  to do PhDs; update 2006 Elisabeth now is Dr Kelan and is working at London Business School.  Carolyn is not only Dr Pedwell but has a postdoc with Sara Ahmed at Goldsmiths.

Richenda Gambles (Gender & Social Policy) is a Department Lecturer in the Department of Social Policy and Social Work at University of Oxford.  She  joined the Department in September 2004 to contribute to the teaching of Comparative Social Policy Graduate programme and the PPE Social Policy option paper. Prior to joining the Department, she worked as a Research Associate at the Institute of Family and Environmental Research and an Associate Lecturer at The Open University teaching on the third level course 'Personal Lives and Social Policy'. Her research interests centre upon the ways in which men and women are able to harmonise paid work with other parts of their lives and associated gender inequities and dynamics at family, workplace and policy levels. She has been involved in a three year comparative research project exploring these issues in seven different countries - India, Japan, the Netherlands, Norway, South Africa, the UK and the US - and is completing a co-authored book with Professor Suzan Lewis and Dr Rhona Rapoport to be published in 2006. She has also worked as a journalist in the UK and Ghana.

Jessica Horn (G&D) was until recently Program Officer, Women's Rights & Minority Rights with Sigrid Rausing Trust|.  She writes 31/3/08, "After working at the Trust for almost 3 years I moved to Freetown Sierra Leone and am working as an independant consultant with a focus on women's rights, HIV/AIDS sexual rights and philanthropy. I am also active in the African Feminist Forum and working on another collection of poetry...."

Antny Rankin (G&M) wrote (July 04) In the fall of 2002 I began as a trainee at the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD). Working in the Office of the Secretary General (OSG) I was asked to focus on the marketing of the Bank, drafting working papers on various subjects and sectors and developing the Bank's Annual Meeting web site. After my traineeship I was asked back to the EBRD to work as a consultant, dealing with issues such as marketing/business development. A year on I have been given a staff contract with the responsibility of managing a number of online marketing partnerships with companies that play major roles in the various projects the EBRD undertakes. I also find myself increasingly involved in document drafting and asked to provide perspectives which put my Gender MSc to use, most recently providing input on the relationship between the EBRD's perspective on gender equality and the Canadian International Development Agency's gender equality mandate. My general plan involves working for another year whilst applying to MBA programmes (most likely in Europe) for the fall of 2005. The year I spent at the LSE was one of the best and hardest I have encountered. Regardless, the amount of reading I was able to absorb on my subject, the projects which I undertook and the friends I was lucky enough to meet made my time at the LSE indispensable.

Anouska Salida (G & M) writes (13.5.05) "On graduating I spent two and a bit years working in television, first for Carlton and then in the London Tonight Newsroom - where my last role was to produce the London news segments for GMTV. After a year in Melbourne , Australia, freelancing as a medical writer and making jewellery, I returned to London and the wonderful world of television for a short stint at Celador International (of Who Wants to be A Millionaire? fame). Most recently I have been freelancing as a features writer and news journalist, working as a commisioning editor for the Jewish News. I am also about to start some volunteer work with Jewish Women's Aid
and am contemplating / preparing for a return to university for a phd - most likely in Gender Studies... Oh, and I am getting married in 6 weeks time and have been working very hard to create an egalitarian, but legally Jewish
wedding ceremony - whilst researching and re-inventing a lot of thetraditional marriage rituals".

Marie Sandell (G&D) "I'm doing a PhD at the History Department at RHUL. I'm looking at international women's organizations and co-operation in the interwar period. (12/6/05)"

Shafiq Haque (GSP) has returned from his sabbatical to MPATC in Dhaka.   He has been involved in conducting gender training programme for the civil servants of his country since my return from LSE and would like to convey his best wishes to all  fellow graduates of GI of 2001/2.  He would love to hear from his group and if anyone wishes to write to him, please do so on|

Elena Herdieckherhoff (G & M) is working in Paris working in the production department of Eurosport (on-air design, promotions spots...) and continuing to research in her spare time!


It is hoped that our alumni from this year will be setting up a network contact list. Should you be from this year and wish to contribute to this listserv, please contact Heidi Schumacher on| .

Diana Anders is a PhD in the dept of Rhetoric at Berkeley with Judith Butler.

Nina Nordberg (G&D) (writes as of September 03) "From 22.09 I will be working as Human Rights Officer for the OSCE Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights in Warsaw, Poland. I will be seconded by the Foreign Ministry of Finland initially for a period of one year. The position involves human rights monitoring and analysis, design, implementation and assessment of projects to strengthen human rights protection as well as preparing reports on various human rights issues. ..
and from a previous email in June 03:
"Ruchika worked for the German NGO GTZ until she got married last December and moved to Mumbai, Fareeha is working with rural livelihoods in northern Pakistan, Elodie has moved back to London after finishing her contract with IOM in Geneva and Isobel is also back in London after a year with the UN in Eritrea. What a diverse group!"

Niamh Doherty wrote in May 2008 that she is studying for the California Bar exam in a few months' time. 'Once I'm a licensed attorney, I'll practice civil litigation'.

Juliet Mohit-Brown will at the end of November be heading back to the Bay Area and getting back involved with girls' education;

Kyra Freestar is moving to Seattle in August;

Maria Alumine Moreno is working for Defensoria del Pueblo de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires (Buenos Aires' Ombudsman Office) Adjuntia en Derechos Humanos (Human Rights Area);

Anna Lodge is job hunting in the area of politics, political research or women's organisations in London; finally Heidi herself is moving to Minnesota to begin a PhD program in Feminist Studies. Watch this space!

Claudia Briones (G & D) writes (July 02) 'Soon after handing in my dissertation I took off to Thailand for a two month backpacking trip! Had the time of my life and enjoyed the adventures of travelling. Soon after I was accepted to an internship program in the European Commission Delegation at the United Nations in New York. Was a really stressful experience but really enriching and exciting. I was mainly responsible for covering issues in Social Development and Human Rights of the Third Committee of the General Assembly and so got a great insight of the way gender is "integrated" (hmmmmmm????) at the multilateral level. I have been in contact with an NGO in Costa Rica called the "Fundacion Genero y Sociedad" that has offered me work to help them research and update a big study theyre carrying out on the status of women in Costa Rica. The have also offered me the possibility of participating in many other interesting projects they are carrying out - mainly related to violence against women, prostitution, migration, etc... I'm really excited at the prospect and think it will be a wonderful and enriching experience. They are expecting me to start sometime at the end of September/beginning of October.'

Fareeha Malik Ummar (Gender & Development) writes in April 02, 'I feel so happy and indebted to staff in gender and development institute for facilitating an opportunity to improve my learning and knowledge on related concepts It is hoped that the recent academic exposure will play a key role in making progress in my professional growth and career. Finally the good news is that I have been absorbed as Gender Coordinator a senior position in an NGO. Its name is Agha Khan Rural Support Program (AKRSP) and has numerable achievements on its record. The approach employed or model developed by AKRSP for poverty alleviation in rural areas has been successful to an extent that it is being replicated at a national scale in Pakistan and has also gained acknowledgement at a regional level. I will keep you posted of the developments at my end.'

Keiko Noda writes in March 02,'I have got into the course I wanted at the university of Tokyo, which is the most prestigious university in Japan. My course starts in April. I will do research on lesbian history in Japan'.

Kristen Stec mentioned around this time she was hopefully going to Kosovo for 3 months to work with the Kosovo Women's Initiative on income generating projects.

Ramit Mizrahi (Gender & Social Policy) is at Yale Law School, New Haven, Connecticut J.D. expected, 2004 Activities: Editor, Yale Journal of Law & Feminism.