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last updated 13/04/2010


Heidi Schumacher is three years into her PhD at Minnesota.

Madeleine Kennedy McFoy is at Goldsmiths on an ESRC funded PhD

Attreyee Roy Chowdhury writes  (1 June 06) 'I worked in Singapore before taking a Master's degree in Gender Studies at the LSE. A stint as an intern at UNESCO in Paris followed and she is now the Publications In-charge at the Centre de Sciences Humaines (CSH), French Embassy, New Delhi. The CSH is part of the network of research centres of the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs.'

Tameeza Samji writes April 06 'I am (finally) in the last year of my doctoral studies in Psychology in San Francisco. My dissertation is entitled :Bi and in Love; A Phenomenological Inquiry into the Negotiated Committed Couple Relationships of Bisexual Women . I have been awarded a space to present the initial findings of my research at the national annual conferece this summer in New Orleans (APA 2006). I expect to graduate in August of 2007. I will be spending my pre-doctoral internship year working with children and families at a County and Community Health Center north of San Francisco, and plan take an assistantship for my post doctoral work in order to build my private practice. I hope to keep integrating new ways of knowing and understanding into my scholarly and my clinical work.'

Krista Orendorff writes 2.7.01: 'I am leaving for Sarajevo in a few days to work as a Junior Professional Consultant (fancy word for intern) with the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE). I will be working as part of The Stability Pact Gender Task Force in Bosnia-Herzegovina. I will be spending a few months in Sarajevo with the possibility of moving to Croatia or Slovenia in the fall. Our strategy is to promote women's greater political participation, formulate campaigns for positive action in national electoral legislation to increase women's chances to stand for election and to be elected and strengthen national machinery for gender equality promotion through a variety of concrete programs and positive action measures.

Sabine Grenz was recently awarded a PhD .

Josephine Wilson is studying for a PhD at the Gender Institute.

Elisabeth Engebretsen was working as an administrative officer at SOAS in the Centre for Asian & African Literatures & is now undertaking a PhD in Anthropology at LSE.


Dana Malhas ( writes from Amman (8 January 2004)

"I  graduated from LSE in 1999 which makes me part of the 1998/1999alumni belonging to the Gender Institute. I just wanted to send some information in hope to get in touch with some of the people I graduated with and hoping to post the information on the web. I have not been in touch with any of the people I have known during my year at the GI, nor have I been back to London to visit LSE which is on my list of things-to-do, hopefully if and when I find the time to do so!

Since my graduation I have been working at the UNIFEM Arab States Regional Office in Amman which covers 17 countries in the region. I have been holding the post of National Program Officer for almost three years now and I am mainly responsible for managing the projects/programs portfolio that are being implemented in the region on economic security and rights, governance and peace building and women's human rights. It is a great opportunity, and I am enjoying working for and with a group that I belong to, a group that has much potential and passion for change...Arab women. It's only last year that I have started thinking of resuming my studies and maybe get a PhD and I am currently looking for the time to sit and think of what I want to do academically. Who knows! I might be even back at LSE and the GI...two places that are very close to my heart and always on my mind."

Paula Brancker is working on a project for the World Bank for the next few months, and then hopefully work with her government on a project on social policy and women's affairs.

Abigail Booth is working for an NGO in Sweden.

Manuela Colombini is working at the UN in Geneva. She was the Information Officer dealing with NGOs. As of December 01, she writes, 'I would like to inform you that I am still in Geneva, but that I have changed job. I now work as Technical Officer (dealing with women's issues and gender perspectives) at the Department of Reproductive Health and Research of the WHO'.

Scott Craig is working freelance (journalism mostly) and has a commission from the Electoral Reform Society to write a book about coalition governments, coming out later this year.

Kathleen Fincham was working for UNICEF in Accra on a project on the girl-child. She recently visited the GI and promised to send me an update on what she is doing now.

Uzma Hoque began a job with Unicef Regional Headquarters in Nepal on 10 January 2000 and is really excited about it.

Miranda Levey has been appointed to the post of administrative officer in LSE External Study.

Louise Nylin was doing an internship at the UNDP in Copenhagen and was applying for another internship with UNIFEM in New York - she's recently been seen in Washington DC so it must have been successful!

Justine Sass is working at the World Bank.

Roona Simpson was recently awarded a doctorate at the Gender Institute (May 2005).

Yasuko Ibuka is applying for an internship at UNICEF in New York


Ximena Corzo is (Feb 04) working for the European Union, Andean Programme of Human Rights and Democracy.

Farhat Bokhari recently got a permanent position as the Asia researcher at the Women's Rights Divison of Human Rights Watch in NY. She writes, "I'll be moving to NY sometime in January. At the moment I'm focused on advocacy on two reports by HRW - on violence against women in Pakistan and Thai women trafficked into debt bondage in Japan. I really had a good time at the Institute, and you all contributed to making it a great place where we got to air a lot of theoretically contentious stuff."

Hamida Ali is working at the Equality Policy Unit as a research officer, for Portsmouth Council.

Erika Franklin writes (31/5/05) "I just wanted to let you know that I left investment banking a number of years ago, and you might want to mention on the alumni page that following my undergraduate in film, I am working back in film again and am co-editor and co-owner of London-based media company, Firecracker Media, specialising in East Asian cinema. In addition to organising film festivals and film sales, we publish a monthly online magazine supported by the UK Film Council at:

Do take a look - and please feel free to amend my alumni destination! (and, of course, help to publicise our magazine!) ;-)"|

Soraya Hassanali has completed a stint as an intern at the UN in Brussels working on trade and is at present back in Canada.  Update: passed through London in October 06, saw Hazel.  Now working in Canada as Senior Cabinet Advisor/
Conseillère principale aux affaires du Cabinet.

Sarah Johnstone is working at Womankind as a policy officer.

Liz Torpey is a programme assistant at the Women's Human Rights Programme at Amnesty in New York.