GI Alumni Destinations 1993-1996


Kyoko Shinozaki (Gender) writes in May 2006 'Ever since I received an alumni newsletter, I have always been wanting to get in touch with the GI to let you know my whereabouts.
After my MSc, I returned to Japan and proceeded with my Ph.D. in Gender Studies and Sociology at Ochanomizu University in Tokyo. I completed my Ph.D. in September 2000, with a dissertation "Negotiating Citizenship in Transnational Migration: The Case of Filipina and Filipino Migrant Domestic Workers in Germany". After having briefly worked as a collaborator and fundraiser at the University of Frankfurt am Main in Germany, I began to work as Assistant Professor at the Centre for Gender and Diversity, Maastricht University in 2005 ( Last academic year, I developed, coordinated and taught a BA course, "Crucial Differences". I just finished the first year of my assignment and am preparing for the course for next year. During the past yeas, I have remained in contact with Hazel Reeves in Brighton and some others from other departments.'

Sita Aripurnami [| ] writes, 'I am now working as consultant for an institutions call Partnership for Governance Reform. An institutions form by the CGI countries, incl, Great Britain and all manage by the UNDP. So, now I working on more macro policy issues, than gender issues. But, I will use gender as perspective to enrich my analysis'.

Briana Barocas is assistant director at the Institute of Women and Work at Cornell. She designs, plans and conducts research studies on women's employment and changing workplace issues, as well as write research papers for publication and progress reports, issuing briefs, fact sheets and other reports for dissemination to other organisation and agencies.

Karen Throsby, Agota Kisimre, Rebecca Edwards, and Silvia Posocco are all undertaking research degrees with us, Deborah Smith with Sylvia Chant in Geography. Update: Dr Karen Throsby is at present Lecturer in Sociology at LSE Sociology Department and from 2005/6 will be lecturer in sociology at Warwick.  Dr Silvia Posocco is at present one of our Tutorial Fellows at the GI.  See year below for recent news on Laura Feeney

Jennifer Gibbs recently popped into the Institute to see Hazel (January 2001). She is now based in Abijan on the Ivory Coast with her own African Art business, Prelude SARL, and last year undertook consultancy work with the African Development Bank in Abijan advising on gender policy. It was lovely to see her, and catch up.

Shalini Grover is undertaking a PhD at the Center for the Comparative Study of Culture, Development and the Environment at Sussex, focusing on intimate relations in poor communities in North India, after working as a research consultant for the UNED-UK in London, researching on gender and sustainable consumption.

Marina Laudazi is working with the UN in Geneva, in the environmental sustainability section, in the gender unit as a consultant.

Bjorg Paulsen is working for the City of Oslo, mainly dealing with problems in the housing programme.

Sonali Reddy is still at the International Labour Office in Geneva. 'I am now working with their Bureau for Gender Equality, which is challenging. '

Hazel Reeves is the manager of 'BRIDGE' at IDS.

Nell Stewart is working for the Canadian Foreign Service.

Shiori Watanabe has been working for IBM in Japan for 3 years, and recently changed jobs within the company. She writes, "I would like to let you know that my assignment has been changed.which is effective from 1 Sep.I believe that I will be able to put in practice what you have taught to us at LSE in my new tasks.The job mission is quite tough and very challenging, but I am really exciting and enjoying it. We work for the tasks which to rise minorities (such as women, persons with disability and gays and lesbians) and accelerate diversity. Anyway, I just would like to say thank you to you and let you know that study at Gender Institute LSE gave me unlimited possibility and opportunity to my life. I am participating a working group of MITI and making public comments to the government. Moreover, I will be join training with ministry of transportation. Both of them are connected with accessibility and I made (and will make) comments which is based on knowledge from Geography option "women friendly cities". These knowledge is very useful and applicable in many ways."


Vanessa Arsenault is at Law School in Canada.

Laura Feeney has recently returned with the family to Silver Springs, Maryland, and hopes to resume her PhD studies in the US next year.


Nazneen Damji writes in June 2001: I am working with UNIFEM (UN Development Fund for Women) on their global Gender and HIV/AIDS programme. I used to be with the Economic Empowerment section, then the Asia-Pacific regional section, and am now with gender and HIV/AIDS. We are also working on the issue of gender and HIV/AIDS within the context of conflict. It is obviously a key issue area - which seems to have not been getting as much attention as one would think, given that its gender and unequal power relations that fuel the epidemic. And, so we are looking to make some linkages to researchers in this area.

Fehmin Shafi (nee Farashuddin) recently emailed Hazel (September 07): I wonder if you'll still remember me. I just visited the Gender Institute homepage and realised that I last updated my profile back in 1999! So here's what I've been doing since then:

After living in Melbourne for 3 years, I moved to Sydney in January 2002. My first job here was at the Community Services Commission (now part of the Office of the Ombudsman), an independent government watchdog for consumers of community services in New South Wales.

Following an 18 month break after my son Arman's birth, I joined the School of Public Health and Community Medicine at the University of New South Wales. I was involved in an evaluation of a pilot project which delivered integrated early intervention and prevention programs for mothers from selected culturally diverse communities.

I have been at my current role since November 2006. The Office for Women is the key advisor to the New South Wales State Government on policies that impact directly on women. As Senior Project Officer, I manage three major leadership and mentoring programs for young women in the hospitality, public and private sectors.

In addition to my work at the Office for Women, I also work as a freelance consultant for Aidcom, an independent regional and non-profit organisation based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Accredited to the United Nations, Aidcom promotes the role of the mass media in strengthening development and participatory democratic processes in developing countries.

I would love to hear from other alumni, especially if anyone plans to make a trip down under. My contact details are listed below

Best wishes, Fehmin

Fehmin Shafi
Senior Project Officer
Office for Women
NSW Department of Premier and Cabinet

Sue Jarman qualified as a secondary school teacher and is based at Bishop Reindo School in Guildford.

Kimie Kaneko is just about to begin a research project at the University of Tokyo.


Liz Rycott is still working in horticulture.  Our first ever graduate.

Cathy Brownjohn, nee Shaw, MSc Gender p/t
Subsequently worked in international student recruitment / press and marketing at SOAS, Cordwainers College and queen Mary U of L and most recent Communications officer for Thomas Coram research unit, Inst. Of Education. Written articles for various child and health focused journals and now freelance. Recently wrote a joint report for the World Health Organization on HIV/AIDS. Published an article in the Daily Telegraph on Mothering and Education. Married with 2 children, Oliver 2years and Hannah 6 months.