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Hazel Johnstone MBE

Departmental Manager



Dr Kate Steward

Manager (Taught Programmes, Events)


Ecogender Green Impact Team




Green Impact is an environmental accreditation scheme run across the School to encourage staff and students to move towards more green practice. The scheme acknowledges good practice already in place and encourages departments to implement changes that lead to real environmental change. Green Impact is supported by the School's commitment to its Environmental Policy aims, Carbon Management Plan and travel plan

The Ecogender team works to raise awareness of the Gender Institute's environmental impact. The team organises events for students and staff, such as green lunches and clothes swaps, involving the whole department.

Ecogender Policy Aims

The LSE recognises that its activities, products and services have environmental, social and economic impacts. The Gender Institute is committed to acting responsibly to minimise its environmental impact through the followings ways:

  1. Reducing the use of non-renewable resources
  2. Reducing the department's contribution to carbon emissions
  3. Providing an example as a sustainable department
  4. Creating a vibrant community in which staff, students and visitors have the opportunity to individually and collectively support the School in protecting the environment. 

Please see Ecogender's SMART Action Plan to reduce its own negative environmental impacts.



Ecogender achieved the Silver Award for Green Impact 2013-2014


Ecogender achieved the Bronze Award for Green Impact 2012-2013 and Recycling Champions in 2012-13


Information for Staff


Staff Cycle Scheme 

Cyclescheme, an independent company created to help both employers and employees take advantage of the Green Transport Plan Initiative, works with the LSE to encourage staff to cycle to and from work. 


Staff Season Ticket Loans 

Applications may be made by any full-time or part-time member of staff of the School for a loan to cover the cost of a second class season ticket for travel between home and the School.


LSE Smart Mugs

To help reduce the negative environmental impact of using disposable cups, we encourage the use of environmentally friendly smart mugs. These are available to purchase from all LSE cafes.


Portable Heating

Portable electric heating is discouraged as it is a fire risk and they are one of the most energy consuming pieces within an office environment. More information about room temperature can be found here. Temporary heating can be provided if the heating system has broken down for an extended period of time.Some heating could be provided for out of hour use in specific areas only. Requests are assessed upon assessment of the circumstances and on a case by case basis.


Furniture Reuse

You can donate existing unwanted furniture to the LSE Furniture Reuse scheme to be used elsewhere in LSE. You can also order furniture from the donated stock and we strongly recommend doing this before ordering new furniture. The Furniture Reuse stock consists of good quality furniture resulting from internal office moves and the return of redundant items by staff.


Video Conferencing Facilities 

LSE provides state of the art video conference facilities. This is ideal for liaising, networking or lecturing to different corners of the world without the need to leave campus.


Information for Students


Green Impact Auditors and Project Assitants

While you are a student at LSE, you can join the Ecogender team as a project assistant, or even apply for the opportunity to audit other teams across the school. Both experiences are excellent for those interested in Environmental Policy and raising awareness of the School's environmental impact.


Textile Recycling on Campus

LSE now has TRAID bins on the first floor of the Saw Swee Hock Student Centre, allowing students and staff to recycle unwanted items of clothing and fabric. TRAID is a charity that recycles clothing to reduce the environmental and social impacts of our clothing consumption.