Incoming Students

Information for 2017/18 Cohort

Welcome to LSE Gender! We’re looking forward to having the 2017/18 cohort arriving in a matter of weeks. This page will be a temporary hub for incoming students so please email us if there’s any information you want posted here.

LSE Gender Facebook group

Remember to join our Facebook group to start getting to know your fellow students and ask us questions (please note, this is a closed group for LSE Gender students).

Welcome Week schedule

We have finalised our Welcome Week schedule of events which include the LSE Gender welcome, key IT info, Programme inductions, public lectures, course fair, and more. Apart from registration, these events aren’t compulsory, but we strongly encourage you to attend as they will help you orientate yourself and start to get to know the people you’ll be spending the coming year with.

Recommended readings

For those who will have difficulties accessing LSE resources (Moodle and Library facilities), and those who would like to have extra time to prepare, we have created a handbook of the Week 1 readings for all of the Core Courses.

The outgoing cohort have compiled a reading list for incoming students – these are the texts that they felt would help you prepare for your time at LSE Gender.

 2017-18 LSE Gender Handbook

You can find a link to our LSE Gender Handbook here, with lots of information about all of the courses, staff details, LSE and more.