Dr Alexandra Hyde



Dr Alexandra Hyde

Department of Gender Studies

I am the 2015 Vera Douie Research Fellow at the Gender Institute and Women’s Library. My research uses ideas from gender studies and feminist epistemology to develop critical approaches to the study of militarisation. My approach is interdisciplinary, spanning IR, sociology and political geography and drawing on methodologies from within anthropology and the humanities. My PhD research was an ethnography of a British Army Regiment from the perspective of women married to servicemen. My work has been published in journals such as Gender, Place and Culture and the Journal of Narrative Politics, and in Open Democracy. She is co-editor of the ‘Encounters’ section of Critical Military Studies, which explores alternative forms of academic and political critique.


Research Interests

  • Gender, militarisation and agency
  • Feminist epistemology
  • Mobilities and migration
  • Social construction of space
  • Class, colonialism and nationality

Alex’s current work centres on the archives of the Women’s Library and builds upon her previous research on the mobilities of Army wives based overseas. Her work for the Vera Douie research fellowship focuses on the papers of colonial emigration societies. It questions the construction of‘women’s work’ and wifehood as part of the nation-building project overseas, and includes a visual poetry project for the LSE library exhibition space.