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Originally, FMG special papers were the only FMG working paper series. These days special papers investigate broader ideas in the financial markets than the discussion papers, often following conferences, at which debates have stimulated further research and cooperation between participants and the wider academic and professional financial community.

The FMG's special paper series dates back to the founding of the FMG in 1987 with the first papers having been written by FMG co-founders Mervyn King and Charles Goodhart. Currently, only papers from 1995 onwards have been made available online.

Research published in the special paper series often plays a role in public debate, being a vehicle for FMG staff to comment on topical questions in finance and influence policy.

2014 special papers

SP233: Simecs, Ithace Hours, Berkshares, Bitcoins and Walmarts| [PDF]
Martin Shubik (August 2014)

SP232: What Happened in Cyprus? The Economic Consequences of the Last Communist Government in Europe| [PDF]
Athanasios Orphanides (July 2014)

SP231: Rescues Violating the German Constitution: The Federal Court Decides on a Theory of Finance| [PDF]
Adalbert Winkler (July 2014)

SP230: A resolvable bank| [PDF]
Thomas F. Huertas (March 2014)

SP229: Competition and Credit Control| [PDF]
C.A.E. Goodhart (March 2014)

SP228: The ECB as Lender of Last Resort: Banks versus Governments| [PDF]
Adalbert Winkler (February 2014)