SP227: Lost at Sea: The Euro Needs a Euro Treasury| [PDF]
Jörg Bibow (November 2013)

SP226: Financial Regulation After the Crisis:
How Did We Get Here, and How Do We Get Out?
| [PDF]
Gerard Caprio, Jr. (November 2013)

SP225: U.K. Monetary Policy: Observations on its Theory and Practice| [PDF]
SGB Henry (July 2013)

SP224: Macro-Modelling, Default and Money| [PDF]
Charles Goodhart, Dimitrios Tsomocos and Martin Shubik (June 2013)

SP223: Can Regulation, Supervision & Survellance save Euroland
Leif Pagrosky (June 2013)

SP222: Too Big to Fail in Banking: What does this mean?| [PDF]
George Kaufman (June 2013)

SP221: Safe to Fail| [PDF]
Thomas F. Huertas (June 2013)

SP220: The Optimal Finance Structure| [PDF]
C.A.E. Goodhart (March 2013)

SP219: The Potential Instruments of Monetary Policy| [PDF]
C.A.E. Goodhart (January 2013)

SP218: “Theory anchors” explain the 1920s NYSE Bubble| [PDF]
Ali Kabiri (January 2013)

SP217: What should we do about (Macro) Pru? Macro Prudential Policy and Credit| [PDF}
Ray Barrell and Dilruba Karim (January 2013)