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Special papers 2000 - 2009


SP186: Bankruptcy and reorganization procedures for cross-border banks in the EU: Towards an integrated approach to the reform of the EU safety net  | [PDF]
Gillian G.H. Garcia, Rosa M. Lastra, María J. Nieto (May 2009)

SP185:  The Value of Interest Rate Forecasts?| [PDF]
C.A.E. Goodhart with Wen Bin Lim (Apr 2009)


SP184: APragmatic Approach to the Phased Consolidation of Financial Regulation in the United States| [PDF]
Howell Jackson (Oct 2008)

SP183: Cycles, Contagion and Crises - sp183| [PDF]
Nikolaj Schmidt, Ashley Taylor, Charles Goodhart, Amil Dasgupta (Nov 2008)

SP182: The case for central bank liquidity provision as a public-private partnership  | [PDF]
Brandon Davies (Oct 2008)

SP181: How, if at all, should Credit Ratings Agencies (CRAs) be Regulated?| [PDF]
Charles Goodhart (Jun 2008)

SP180: Should Monetary Policy Respond to Asset Price Bubbles? Revisiting the Debate| [PDF]
Sushil Wadhwani (Jun 2008)

SP179: Liquidity and Money Market Operations - sp179  | [PDF]
Charles Goodhart (Apr 2008)

SP178: Risk, Uncertainty and Financial Stability  | [PDF]
Charles Goodhart (Apr 2008)

SP177: The Regulatory Response to the Financial Crisis| [PDF]
Charles Goodhart (Apr 2008)


SP176: The Emergence of Cross-Border Insurance Groups within Europe with Centralised Risk Management| [PDF]
Otto Winkels, Dirk Schoenmaker, Sander Osterloo (Dec 2007)

SP175: Liquidity Risk Management - sp175| [PDF]
Charles Goodhart (Oct 2007)

SP174: Does high money growth put the inflation target at further risk?| [PDF]
Tim Congdon (Oct 2007)

SP173: Analysis of Financial Stability  | [PDF]
Charles Goodhart, Dimitrios Tsomocos (May 2007)

SP172: Whatever became of the Monetary Aggregates? - sp172| [PDF]
Charles Goodhart (Feb 2007)

SP171: Prompt Corrective Action & Cross-Border Supervisory Issues in Europe -  | [PDF] Clas Wihlborg, Larry Wall, Maria. J Nieto, Thomas F. Huertas, Gillian G.H. Garcia, George G.Kaufman, David G. Mayes, Robert A.Eisenbeis, Rosa M. Lastra (Apr 2007)

SP170: Did NASDAQ market makers successfully collude to increase spreads? A re-examination of evidence from stocks that moved from NASDAQ to the New York or American Stock Exchanges  | [PDF]
John H. Harland, George J. Benston (Jan 2007) 


SP169: Is Forbearance always Bad? How can we test whether its use lessened the incidence of crises?| [PDF]
Charles Goodhart (Nov 2006)

SP168: Current State of Cross-Border Banking| [PDF]
Christiaan van Laecke, Dirk Schoenmaker (Nov 2006)

SP167: Searching for a Metric for Financial Stability| [PDF]
Lea Zicchino, Dimitrios Tsomocos, Miguel Segoviano, Charles Goodhart, Oriol Aspachs Bracon (May 2006)

SP166: Broad Money vs. Narrow Money: A Discussion Following the Federal Reserve's Decision to Discontinue Publication of M3 Data  | [PDF]
Tim Congdon (May 2006)

SP165: Precondition for a Successful Implementation of Supervisors' Primpt Corrective Action: Is There a Case for a Banking Standard in the EU? - sp165| [PDF]
Larry Wall, Maria Nieto (Mar 2006)

SP164: Burden Sharing in a Banking Crisis in Europe| [PDF]
Dirk Schoenmaker, Charles Goodhart (Mar 2006)


SP163: China's Banking Reform: Problems and Potential Solutions  | [PDF]
Xiaosong Zeng, Charles Goodhart (Nov 2005)

SP162: The Future of Central Banking  | [PDF]
Charles Goodhart (Sep 2005)

SP161: Politics and the Creation of a European SEC:The Optimal UK Strategy – Constructive Inconsistency  | [PDF]
Ruben Lee (Sep 2005)

SP160: Defining and Achieving Financial Stability| [PDF]
William A. Allen, Geoffrey Wood (Apr 2005)

SP159: How Do We Achieve Regulatory Convergence In Practice?| [PDF]
Callum McCarthy (Feb 2005)


SP158: Per Jacobsson Lecture: Some New Directions for Financial Stability?| [PDF]
Charles Goodhart (Sep 2004)

SP157: Gradualism in the Adjustment of Official Interest Rates: Some Partial Explanations| [PDF]
Charles Goodhart (May 2004)

SP156: Financial Supervision in an Integrating Europe: Measuring Cross-Border Externalities| [PDF]
Sander Osterloo, Dirk Schoenmaker (Apr2004)

SP 155: A speech by Sir Howard Davies 'Creating a Single Financial Market in Europe: What Do We Mean?'| [PDF]
Sir Howard Davies (Feb 2004)

SP154: A speech by Sir Andrew Large 'Financial Stability Oversight, Past & Present'  | [PDF] 
Sir Andrew Large (Feb 2004)


SP153: Central Banks and Supreme Courts - sp153| [PDF]
Charles Goodhart, Ellen Meade (Oct 2003)

SP152: The Challenge of European Integration for Prudential Policy| [PDF]
Laurence Scialom, Michel Aglietta (Oct 2003)

SP151: FCIs and Economic Activity :Some International Evidence| [PDF]
Charles Goodhart, Boris Hofmann (Jun 2003)

SP150: The IS Curve and the Transmission of Monetary Policy: Is there a Puzzle?| [PDF]
Charles Goodhart, Boris Hofmann (Jun 2003)

SP149: The Governance Structure for Financial Regulation and Supervision in Europe| [PDF]
Rosa M. Lastra, , Dr Rosa Lastra (May 2003)


SP148: Economic Policy and Exchange Rate Regimes: What Have we Learned in the 10 Years Since Black Wednesday?| [PDF]
Edwin Truman  (Nov 2002)

SP147: German and British Monetary Policy in the Age of Maastricht: What Have we Learned in the 10 Years Since Black Wednesday?| [PDF]
Helmut Schlesinger  (Nov 2002)

SP146: Reflections on the 10 years since Britain's ERM Departure| [PDF] 
Lord Lamont of Lerwick  (Nov 2002)

SP145: Britain, Germany and EMU: What have we learned in the 10 years since Black Wednesday? 3 Selected Papers  | [PDF]
Peter Wilson-Smith, David Peretz, David Marsh (Nov 2002)

SP144: Market Regulation in a Dynamic Environment  | [PDF]
Stephen Wells, Charles Sutcliffe, John Board  (Jul 2002)

SP143: Financial Supervision: Which Model for Europe?  | [PDF]
Peter Wierts, Dirk Schoenmaker (Jul 2002)

SP142: Self Vs Public Discipline in the Financial Field  | [PDF]
Tommaso Padoa-Schioppa (Jul 2002)

SP141: Money Laundering: A View from North America|  [PDF]
John Moscow  (Jun 2002)

SP140: Competition and Stability: What's Special about Banking?| [PDF]
Philipp Hartmann, Elena Carletti (Apr 2002)

SP139: Banking Regulation and Supervision in Japan| [PDF]
Maximilian J.B Hall (May 2002)

SP138: Sovereign Bonds and the Collective Will - sp138| [PDF]
Lee C Buchheit, G Mitu Gulati (May 2002)

SP137: Supervising the European Financial System|  [PDF]
Karel Lannoo (May 2002)

SP136: Securities and Banking: Bridges and Walls| [PDF]
Tommaso Padoa-Schioppa (Jan2002)

SP135: Revisiting the Rationale for a Single National Financial Services Regulator  | [PDF]
Clive Briault (Feb 2002)

SP134: Assessing the case for unified Financial Sector Supervision| [PDF]
Michael W Taylor, Richard K Abrams (Jan2002)


SP133: The Governance Structure for Financial Regulation in Europe| [PDF]
Dr Rosa Lastra, Rosa M. Lastra (Dec 2001)

SP132: The ECB and the Euro Monetary Policy for a New Currency| [PDF]
Professor Otmar Issing  (Nov 2001)

SP131: Operational Risk| [PDF]
Charles Goodhart (Sep 2001)

SP130: An Academic Response to Basel II  | [PDF]
Con Keating, Hyun Song Shin, Charles Goodhart, Jon Danielsson (May 2001)

SP129: Two years into the Euro: The Next Step for Europe  | [PDF]
Stefan Colligon  (Mar 2001)

SP128: On Physics and Finance| [PDF]
Jean-Pierre Zigrand (Jan 2001) )


SP127: The Organisational Structure of Banking Supervision| [PDF]
Charles Goodhart (Oct 2000)

SP126: The Emperor has no Clothes: Limits to Risk Modelling| [PDF]
Jon Danielsson (Oct 2000)

SP125: Can Central Banking Survive the IT Revolution?| [PDF] 
Charles Goodhart (Aug 2000)

SP124: Monetary Transmission Lags and the Formulation of the Policy Decision on Interest Rates  | [PDF]
Charles Goodhart (Aug 2000)

SP123: Financial Stability in the Euro Area: Some Lessons from US Financial History| [PDF] 
E.P. Davis (May 2000)