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Special papers 1990 - 1999


SP122: Observing the Observers: Monetary Policy Calls of British Newspapers Under the MPC Regime| [PDF]
Boris Hofmann (Dec 1999)

SP121: Law and Finance in Transition Economies|
Stefka Slavova (Dec 1999)

SP120: Myths About the Lender of Last Resort| [PDF]
Charles Goodhart (Sep 1999)

SP119: Managerial Discretion and Investment Decisions of State-Owned Firms: Evidence From a Panel of Italian Companies|
Elisabetta Bertero, Laura Rondi (Oct 1999)

SP118: Recent Developments in Central Banking: Some Special Features of the Monetary Policy Committee and of the European System of Central Banks| [PDF]
Charles Goodhart (Sep 1999)

SP117: Time, Inflation and Asset Prices
|Charles Goodhart (Sep 1999)

SP116: Managing Government Default Risk in Federal States| [PDF]
Jan J.G. Lemmen (Aug 1999)

SP115: The Vulnerability of Banks to Government default risk in the EMU| [PDF]
Ivo J. M Arnold, Jan J.G. Lemmen (Jul 1999)

SP114: The Third Leg of the Stool: Financial Stability as a Prerequisite for EMU|
Ivo J. M Arnold (Jun 1999)

SP113: The Future of the Takeover Panel: Statutory or Non-Statutory?|
Alistair Defriez (Apr 1999)

SP112: EMU and Banking Supervision|
Tommaso Padoa-Schioppa (Mar 1999)

SP111: The Asian Crisis: Experiences and Lessons for Home and Host Supervisor|
C M Miles (Mar 1999)

SP110: The US Stock Market and The Global Economic Crisis
|Sushil Wadhwani (Jan 1999)

SP109: Life Without the Stability Pact| [PDF]
Jan J.G. Lemmen (Jan 1999)

SP108: Financial Crises: Plus ça change, plus cest la même chose| [PDF]
P.J.R Delargy (Jan 1999) 


SP107: Pension Fund Reform and European Financial Markets| [PDF] 
E.P. Davis (Nov 1998)

SP106: Central Bankers and Uncertainty| [PDF]
Charles Goodhart (Feb 1998)

SP105: Excess Capacity in EU and US Banking Sectors - Conceptual, Measurement and Policy Issues|  [PDF]
E.P. Davis, Sinikka Salo (Aug 1998)

SP104: Complex Fraud Trials and Financial Regulation| 
Rosalind Wright (Aug 1998)

SP103: The Retreat of Inflation and The Making of Monetary Policy: Where Do We Stand?|
José Viñals (Jun 1998)

SP102: EMU, Britain and Other Outsiders|
Niels Thygesen (May 1998)

SP101: Mutual Funds and Stock and Bond Market Stability|
Franklin R Edwards, Xin Zhang (May 1998)

SP100: The Cost of Conservatism: Extreme Returns, Value-at Risk, and the Basle Multiplicaiton Factor| [PDF]
Philipp Hartmann, Jon Danielsson (Feb 1998)

SP99: The Inflation Target Five Years On| [PDF]
Mervyn Allister King (Feb 1998)


SP98: Does Debt Discipline State-Owned Firms? Evidence From A panel of Italian Firms|
Elisabetta Bertero, Laura Rondi (Jun 1997)

SP97: Margin Requirements, Volatility, and Market Integrity: What Have We Learned Since The Crash?| [PDF]
Paul H. Kupiec (Jun 1997)

SP96: Two Concepts of Money, And The Future of Europe
|Charles Goodhart (Jun 1997)

SP95: The Proof of the Pudding: The Effects of Increased Trade Transparency in the London Stock Exchange
|Charles Sutcliffe, John Board (Mar 1997)

SP94: The Future of Financial Services Regulation Some Reflections from the Inside|
Tim Shepheard Walwyn (Feb 1997)

SP93: Forecast Biases in Value-at-risk Estimations: Evidence From Foreign Exchange and Global Equity Portfolios
|James M M. Mahoney (Jan 1997)


SP92: The Equivalence of Screen Based Continuous-Auction and Dealer Markets| [PDF]
Ian Tonks (Nov 1996)

SP91: The Future of the Euro as an International Currency: a Transactions Perspective| [PDF]
Philipp Hartmann (Nov 1996)

SP90: Bank Capital Regulation for Market Risks|
Paul H. Kupiec, James M O'Brien (Oct 1996)

SP89: The Role of Institutional Investors in the Evolution of Financial Structure and Behaviour| [PDF]
E.P. Davis (Nov 1996)

SP88: An Incentive Structure for Financial Regulation| [PDF]
Charles Goodhart (Jul 1996)

SP87: Reflections on the Work of the Serious Fraud Office|
George Staple (Jun 1996)

SP86: The Transmission of Monetary Policy in the European Countries|
Benoît Mojon, Fernando Barran, Virginie Coudert (Jun 1996)

SP85: Rules v Discretion: The Case of Banking Supervision in the Light of the Debate on Monetary Policy
|Brian Quinn (Jul 1996)

SP84 Mechanisms for Central Banking
|Julian Wiseman (Jun 1996)

SP83: The Costs of Trading in European Equity Markets
|Marco Pagano (Mar 1996)

SP82: Financial Regulation in Germany and the UK: A Comparison|
Oonagh McDonald (Feb 1996)

SP81: Why do the Monetary Authorities Smooth Interest Rates?|
Charles Goodhart (Feb 1996) 


SP80: Restructuring Financial Systems in Transition and Developing Economies: An Approach Based on the French Financial System
|Elisabetta Bertero (Dec 1995)

SP79: Some Regulatory Concerns
|Charles Goodhart (Dec 1995)

SP78: The Emerging Framework of Bank Regulation and Capital Control
|Julian S. Alworth, Sudipto Bhattacharya (Dec 1995)

SP77: Capital Adequacy and Foreign Exchange Risk Regulation - Recent Developments in Industrial Countries| [PDF]
Philipp Hartmann (Dec 1995)

SP76: Financial Fragility in the Early 1990s - What Can Be Learnt from International
| [PDF]
E.P. Davis (Nov 1995)

SP75: Institutional Investors, Unstable Financial Markets and Monetary Policy| [PDF]
E.P. Davis (Oct 1995)

SP74: Financial Globalisation, Derivatives, Volatility and the Challenge for the Policies of Central Banks| [PDF]
Charles Goodhart (Oct 1995)

SP73: European Monetary Integration| [PDF]
Charles Goodhart (Sep 1995)

SP72: Banking Supervision in Stage Three of EMU|
Dirk Schoenmaker(Oct 1995)

SP71: The Collapse of Metallgesellschaft: Unhedgable Risks, Poor Hedging Strategy or Just Bad Luck?
|Franklin R Edwards, Michael S. Canter (Apr 1995)

SP70: Derivatives Regulation
|Dirk Schoenmaker, Michael Power, John Board, Charles Goodhart (Mar 1995)

SP69: Monetary Integration in Europe Past – Present – and Future|
Helmut Schlesinger (Mar 1995)

SP68: The Banking System, Financial Markets and Capital Structure: Some New Evidence from France
|Elisabetta Bertero (Feb 1995)

SP67: The Effects of Trade Transparency in the London Stock Exchange: A Summary|
Charles Sutcliffe, John Board (Jan 1995)

SP66: The Implications of Derivatives for Regulation|
Christian de Boissieu, Clifford Smout, Richard S.Dale, William R White (Jan 1995)

SP65: Insolvency Reform in the UK; A Revised Proposal
|John Hardman Moore, Oliver Hart, Philippe Aghion (Jan 1995)


SP64: Derivatives can be Hazardous to Your Health: The Case of Metallgesellschaft
|Franklin R Edwards (Dec 1994)

SP63: European Monetary Union: A Progress Report| [PDF]
Charles Goodhart (Nov 1994)

SP62: An International Comparison of the Financing of Occupational Pensions| [PDF]
E.P. Davis (Sep 1994)

SP61: Strategy and Tactics of Monetary Policy: Examples from Europe and the Antipodes| [PDF]
José Viñals, Charles Goodhart (Aug 1994)

SP60: A Comparison of Net and Gross Settlement
|Dirk Schoenmaker (May 1994)


SP59: Problems of Banking Regulation: An EC Perspective| [PDF]
Dec 1993, E.P. Davis (Dec 1993)

SP58: ERM and EMU
|Charles Goodhart (Nov 1993)

SP57: Central Bank Independence| [PDF]
Charles Goodhart (Nov 1993)

SP56: A Comment on Financial Services Regulation – Making the Two-Tier System Work|
Dirk Schoenmaker, Charles Goodhart (Oct 1993)


SP55: Externalities in Payment Systems: Issues for Europe|
Dirk Schoenmaker (Jan 1992)

SP54: Banking Supervision after BCCI|
Brian Quinn, Robert M Morgenthau, Sir Thomas Bingham (Jan 1992)

SP53: Deposit Insurance: Policy Clash over EC and US Reforms|
Richard S. Dale (Jan 1992)

SP52: Institutional Separation between Supervisory and Monetary Agencies| [PDF]
Dirk Schoenmaker (Jan 1992)

SP51: Banking and Industry in Japan| [PDF]
Michio Morishima (Jan 1992)

SP50: Theories of Intermediation – Implications for Regulation|
E.P. Davis (Jan 1992)

SP49: The Objectives for, and Conduct of, Monetary Policy in the 1990s
|(Jan 1992)

SP48: A Note on the Proposal for a Council Directive on Deposit Guarantee Schemes|
Dirk Schoenmaker (Jan 1992)

SP47: The Design of a Possible Pension Compensation Fund|
Dirk Schoenmaker (Jan 1992)

SP46: Financing and Development in Eastern Europe and the Former Soviet Union
|Philippe Aghion, Robin Burgess (Jan 1992)


SP45: National Fiscal Policy within EMU: The Fiscal Implications of Maastricht
|Charles Goodhart (Jan 1991)

SP44: The ESCB After Maastricht|
Charles Goodhart (Jan 1991)

SP43: Home Country Deposit Insurance?|
Dirk Schoenmaker (Jan 1991)

SP42: The External Dimension of EMU
|Charles Goodhart (Jan 1991)

SP41: Taurus – Protection for the Industry and the Investor
|John Watson (Jan 1991)

SP40: The Economic Consequences of John Major and Norman Lamont|
Charles Goodhart (Jan 1991)

SP39: In Search of Monetary Unions|
Morris Perlman (Jan 1991)

SP38: The Conduct of Monetary Policy|
(Jan 1991)

SP37: The Draft Statute of the European System of Central Banks: A Commentary|
(Jan 1991)

SP36: European Monetary Union|
Isao Kubota, Joe Grice (Jan 1991)

SP35: Eastern Europe|
Matthew Olex, Norbert Walter (Jan 1991)

SP34: Financial Regulation in Europe
|Mitsuo Sato, Giovanni Carosio (Jan 1991)

SP33: Capital Markets in Europe
|Anthony Neuberger, Nobuo Nakazawa (Jan 1991) 


SP32: Banking Trends in Europe
|John Carr, Tomonori Naruse (Oct 1990)

SP31: Fiscal Policy and EMU
|(Jan 1990)

SP30: Public Debt in Italy and the European Community: Some Thoughts on the Monetary| Consequences
Ronald McKinnon (Jan 1990)

SP29: The Case for an Evolutionary Stage 2
|O.P Richards (Jan 1990)

SP28: The Hard Ecu and Alternative Paths to EMU|
Maxwell Fry (Jan 1990)

SP27: Monetary Policy: Spring 1990|
(Jan 1990)

SP26: Securities Markets, Systemic Stability and Regulation|
T.R.G Bingham (Jan 1990)

SP25: Text of Speeches made by Andrew Hugh Smith and Rudiger Von Rosen at the Conference on the Future of European Stock Exchanges, LSE, 8 May 1990
|Andrew Hugh-Smith, Rudiger Von Rosen (Jan 1990)

SP24: Economic and Monetary Union (EMU) in Europe
|(Jan 1990)