Special papers 1980-1989

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SP23: Incentives for Private Saving: The 1990 Budget
|Mervyn Allister King (Jan 1989)

SP22: The Delors Report and European Economic and Monetary Union
|Niels Thygesen (Jan 1989)

SP21: International Financial Linkages
|(Jan 1989)


SP20: The Reorganisation of the London Stock Market: The Causes and Consequences of Big-Bang|
David C Webb, Ian Tonks (Jan 1988)

SP19: International Harmonization of the Regulation of Capital Markets. An Introduction|
Mervyn Allister King (Jan 1988)

SP18: Harmonization of Taxes on Income from Capital in the EEC|
Mervyn Allister King (Jan 1988)

SP17: Comments on recent developments and proposals concerning dealing practices in the UK equity market
|Ailsa Röell, Albert Kyle (Jan 1988)

SP16: Are Central Banks Necessary?|
(Jan 1988)

SP15: The Delors Report: Was Lawsons Reaction Justifiable?
|(Jan 1988)

SP14: Recent Research on Stock Market Volatility and the Crash|
Mervyn Allister King (Jan 1988)

SP13: Some Economic Issues in the Regulation of Financial Markets
|David Miles (Jan 1988)

SP12: An Approach to European Currency Unification
|(Jan 1988)

SP11: Meltdown Monday or Meltdown Money: Consequences of the Causes of a Stock Market Crash|
Mark Mullins (Jan 1988)


SP10: Tax Policy After the Election; What Would Change with the Government?
|John Mills (Jan 1987)

SP9: The Twists & Turns of UK Monetary Policy|
Charles Goodhart (Jan 1987)

SP8: Note on a Single European Currency & Central Bank|
Charles Goodhart (Jan 1987)

SP7: The Regulatory Debate in London
|Charles Goodhart (Jan 1987)

SP6: The Crash of October 1987|
Charles Goodhart (Jan 1987)

SP5: Reforming the EEC Budget
|Mervyn Allister King (Jan 1987)

SP4: Insider Trading
|Ailsa Röell, Mervyn Allister King (Jan 1987)

SP3: UK Tax Policy and Independent Schools
|Geoffrey Walford, Mark Robson (Jan 1987)

SP2: Financial Stability and the Lender of Last Resort Function: A Note
|Mervyn Allister King (Jan 1987)

SP1: On The Inefficiency of Financial Markets
|Sushil Wadhwani (Jan 1987)