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FMG working papers

The FMG publishes two different working papers series: FMG Discussion Papers and 
FMG Special Papers. On average, 18 discussion papers and 6 special papers are published per year. Both series host contributions from distinguished scholars from around the world.

FMG working papers are free to download from the FMG website.  Please access the Discussion and Special Papers via the menu on the left of this page. Alternatively, you can access them via the following links:

Subscribe to FMG working papers

There are two ways in which you can subscribe to receive FMG working papers:

Option 1 - Electronic Working Papers
Sign up to the FMG news email list  to be notified monthly of the availability of newly published working papers which are then free to download from the FMG website.

Option 2 - Hardcopy Working Papers
Order an annual subscription to receive hardcopies of each newly published working paper, the FMG Review and Annual Report. The FMG offers two subscription schemes: the "Library subscription" and the "Corporate subscription". 

A library subscription (£500* per annum) entitles you to:

  • receive two hardcopies of all our new Discussion Papers and Special Papers;
  • receive one copy of our Annual Report and one copy of each FMG Review;
  • name up to two people within your company/institution for automatic receipt of hardcopies of all our new publications; and
  • order back copies of Discussion and Special Papers for just £1 (normally charged at £15 per copy).

A corporate subscription (£1,000* per annum) entitles you to receive the same as with a library subscription with the exception that you receive four (as opposed to two) hardcopies of each working paper.  You are therefore able to name up to four people within your company/institution to receive the hardcopies.

To subscribe to Option 2, please complete the joining form [PDF] and return to the FMG.  For further information, please contact the FMG: fmg@lse.ac.uk

* UK subscribers pay 20% VAT on top of this.