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Discussion papers

Discussion papers are authored primarily by FMG staff, associates and research students and provide specialist insights into cutting edge financial markets research currently being carried out at the FMG.

Research undertaken under the core FMG Research Programmes is published in the FMG Discussion Paper series. Most recently, the Paul Woolley Centre for market dysfunctionality and the AXA-funded risk management programme have published some of their research as FMG Discussion Papers.

Research published in the discussion paper series typically goes on to final publication in the top economics and finance journals.  Feedback from the FMG community plays an important role in shaping those final publications.

The FMG's electronic online discussion paper records date back to 2001.

2014 Discussion Papers

FMG discussion papers published in 2014 are listed below. Previous years' discussion papers are accessible via the web pages listed in the left -hand menu.

The Value of Informativeness for Contracting| [PDF]
Pierre Chaigneau, Alex Edmans, and Daniel Gottlieb (October 2014)
FMG Discussion Paper DP737

Asset Management Contracts and Equilibrium Prices| [PDF]
Andrea Buffa, Dimitri Vayanos and Paul Woolley (October 2014)
FMG Discussion Paper DP736
Paul Woolley Centre Paper 41

Employment and Wage insurance within Firms: Wordlwide Evidence| [PDF]
Andrew Ellul, Marco Pagano and Fabiano Schivardi (October 2014)
FMG Discussion Paper DP735

Network Risk and key Players: A Structural Analysis of Interbank Liquidity| [PDF]
Edward Denbee, Chrisitan Julliard, Ye Li, and Kathy Yuan (October 2014)
FMG Discussion Paper DP734
AXA Working Paper 12

Activist Funds, Leverage, and Procyclicality| [PDF]
Mike Burkart and Amil Dasgupta (April 2014)
FMG Discussion Paper DP733
Paul Wooley Centre Paper 40

The Economics of Collateral| [PDF]
Ronald W. Anderson and Karin Jõeveer (May 2014)
FMG Discussion Paper DP732

Ties that Bind: How business connections affect mutual fund activism| [PDF]
Dragana Cvijanović, Amil Dasgupta and Konstantinos Zachariadis (April 2014)
FMG Discussion Paper DP731
Paul Woolley Centre Paper 39

Liquidity Risk and the Dynamics of Arbitrage Capital| [PDF]
Péter Kondor and Dimitri Vayanos (February 2014)
FMG Discussion Paper DP730
Paul Woolley Centre Paper 38

CEO Job Security and Risk-Taking| [PDF]
Peter Cziraki and Moqi Xu (February 2014)
FMG Discussion Paper DP729

Product Market Competition and Industry Returns| [PDF]
M. Cecilia Bustamante and Andrés Donangelo (February 2014)
FMG Discussion Paper DP728