Shareholder Empowerment and Bank Bailouts| [PDF]
Daniel Ferreira, David Kershaw, Tom Kirchmaier, Edmund Schuster (November 2012)
AXA Paper 11, FMG Discussion Paper 714

The structure of CEO pay: pay-for-luck and stock-options| [PDF]
Pierre Chaigneau, Nicolas Sahuguet (October 2012)
FMG Discussion Paper 713

Bankers and bank investors: Reconsidering the economies of scale in banking| [PDF]
Ronald W. Anderson, Karin Joeveer (September 2012)
FMG Discussion Paper 712 

Agency, Firm Growth, and Managerial Turnover|  [PDF]
Ronald W. Anderson, M. Cecilia Bustamante, Stéphane Guibaud (September 2012)
FMG Discussion Paper 711

Do Standard Corporate Governance Practices Matter in Family Firms?|  [PDF]
Sridhar Arcot, Valentina Bruno (September 2012)
FMG Discussion Paper 710

Market Liquidity - Theory and Empirical Evidence| [PDF]
Dimitri Vayanos, Jiang Wang (July 2012)
Paul Woolley Centre Paper 32, FMG Discussion Paper 709

Liquidity and Asset Returns under Asymmetric Information and Imperfect Competition| [PDF]
Dimitri Vayanos, Jiang Wang (July 2012)
Paul Woolley Centre Paper 31, FMG Discussion Paper 708

Asset Pricing with Heterogeneous Investors and Portfolio Constraints| [PDF]
Georgy Chabakauri (July 2012)
Paul Woolley Centre Paper 30, FMG Discussion Paper 707
This discussion paper won a Paul Woolley Centre discussion paper prize.

Stock Market Tournaments| [PDF]
Emre Ozdenoren, Kathy Yuan (July 2012)
Paul Woolley Centre Paper 29, FMG Discussion Paper 706

Transparency, Tax Pressure and Access to Finance| [PDF]
Andrew Ellul, Tullio Jappelli, Marco Pagano, Fausto Panunzi (June 2012)
FMG Discussion Paper 705

Securitized Banking, Asymmetric Information, and Financial Crisis: Regulating Systemic Risk Away| [PDF]Sudipto Bhattacharya, Georgy Chabakauri, Kjell G. Nyborg (May 2012)
AXA Paper 10, FMG Discussion Paper 704

Estimating the Quadratic Covariation Matrix for an Asynchronously Observed Continuous Time Signal Masked by Additive Noise| [PDF]
Sujin Park, Oliver Linton (April 2012)
FMG Discussion Paper 703

Financial Regulation in General Equilibrium| [PDF]
Charles A. E. Goodhart, Anil K Kashyap, Dimitrios P. Tsomocos, Alexandros P. Vardoulakis (March 2012)
AXA Paper 9, FMG Discussion Paper 702

Is Historical Cost Accounting a Panacea? Market Stress, Incentive Distortions, and Gains Trading| [PDF] Andrew Ellul, Chotibhak Jotikasthira, Christian T. Lundblad, Yihui Wang (February 2012)
FMG Discussion Paper 701

Transparency in the financial system: rollover risk and crises| [PDF]
Matthieu Bouvard, Pierre Chaigneau, Adolfo de Motta (February 2012)
FMG Discussion Paper 700

Bond Variance Risk Premia| [PDF]
Philippe Mueller, Andrea Vedolin, Yu-Min Yen (January 2012)
FMG Discussion Paper 699

Borrow Cheap, Buy High? The Determinants of Leverage and Pricing in Buyouts| [PDF]
Ulf Axelson, Tim Jenkinson, Per Strömberg, Michael S. Weisbach (January 2012)
FMG Discussion Paper 698

The effect of risk preferences on the valuation and incentives of compensation contracts| [PDF]
Pierre Chaigneau (January 2012)
FMG Discussion Paper 697

Smart Buyers| [PDF]
Mike Burkart, Samuel Lee (January 2012)
FMG Discussion Paper 696