Attracting Investor Attention through Advertising| [PDF]
Dong Lou (2009)
Paul Woolley Centre Paper 8, FMG Discussion Paper 644

A Flow-Based Explanation for Return Predictability| [PDF]
Dong Lou (2009)
Paul Woolley Centre Paper 7, FMG Discussion Paper 643

Financial Volatility and Economic Activity | [PDF]
Fabio Fornari, Antonio Mele (2009)
FMG Discussion Paper 642

A Preferred-Habitat Model of the Term Structure of Interest Rates| [PDF]
Dimitri Vayanos, Jean-Luc Vila (2009)
Paul Woolley Centre Paper 6, FMG Discussion Paper 641

Regime Switching in Volatilities and Correlation between Stock and Bond markets| [PDF]
Runquan Chen (2009)
FMG Discussion Paper 640

Liquidity and Asset Prices A Unified Framework|  [PDF]
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Paul Woolley Centre Paper 5, FMG Discussion Paper 639

Organizational Diseconomies in the Mutual Fund Industry| [PDF]
Fabian Garavito (2009)
FMG Discussion Paper 638

Endogenous Liquidity and Contagion| [PDF]
Rohit Rahi, Jean-Pierre Zigrand (2009)
FMG Discussion Paper 637 

Negative Nominal Interest Rates:Three ways to overcome the zero lower bound| [PDF]
Willem Buiter (2009)
FMG Discussion Paper 636

Lessons from the global financial crisis for regulators and supervisors| [PDF] 
Willem Buiter (2009)
FMG Discussion Paper 635 

Endogenous Technological Progress and the Cross Section of Stock Returns| [PDF]
Xiaoji Lin (2009)
FMG Discussion Paper 634

Ambiguity Information Acquisition and Price Swings in Asset Markets| [PDF]
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FMG Discussion Paper 633

Rents, learning and risk in the financial sector and other innovative industries| [PDF]
Bruno Biais, Jean-Charles Rochet, Paul Woolley (2009)
Paul Woolley Centre Paper 4, FMG Discussion Paper 632

The lifecycle of the financial sector and other speculative industries 
Bruno Biais, Jean-Charles Rochet, Paul Woolley (2009)
This paper is no longer available, the revised version of this paper can be found
above as
Paul Woolley Centre Paper 4, FMG Discussion Paper 632

Large powerful shareholders and cash holding| [PDF]
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FMG Discussion Paper 631

Does beta move with news? Systematic risk and firm-specific information flows| [PDF]
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The effect of credit rationing on the shape of the competition-innovation relationship| [PDF]
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Labor Hiring, Investment and Stock Return Predictability in the Cross Section| [PDF]
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Banking stability measures| [PDF]
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Understanding portfolio efficiency with conditioning information| [PDF]
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The credit crisis and the dynamics of asset backed commercial paper programs.|
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