Rational trader risk
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The More we know, the less we agree: public announcements and higher-order expectations|
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Credible pensions
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Basel and procyclicality: a comparison of the standardised and IRB approaches to an improved credit risk method
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Barriers to pension scheme participation in small and medium sized enterprises
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Are "market neutral" hedge funds really market neutral?
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Conglomerate entrenchment under optimal financial contracting
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Strategic financial innovation in segmented markets
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Portfolio choice and wealth accumulation with taxable and tax-deferred accounts|
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Highwaymen or heroes: should hedge funds be regulated?|
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A time series analysis of financial fragility in the UK banking system
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A GARCH model of the implied volatility of the Swiss Market Index from options prices|
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FMG Discussion Paper 516

Yield curve estimation by kernel smoothing
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Estimation of linear regression models by a spread-tolerant estimator|
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Estimating semiparametric ARCH models by kernel smoothing methods
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Feedback trading
|Danielsson, Jon and Love, Ryan (2004)
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A local instrumental variable estimation method for generalized additive volatility models
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Consistent testing for stochastic dominance: a subsampling approach|
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Liability valuation and optimal asset allocation
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Opening and closing the market: evidence from the London Stock Exchange|
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Defined benefit or defined contribution?: an empirical study of pension choices
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A risk assessment model for banks
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Eurobond underwriter spreads
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Estimation and testing of dynamic models with generalised hyperbolic innovations|
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A semiparametric single-factor model of the term structure|
Kristensen, Dennis (2004)
FMG Discussion Paper 501 

Estimation in two classes of semiparametric diffusion models
|Kristensen, Dennis (2004)
FMG Discussion Paper 500

Estimation of partial differential equations with applications in finance
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FMG Discussion Paper 499

The wrong kind of transparency
|Prat, Andrea (2004)
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Spanning tests in return and stochastic discount factor mean-variance frontiers: a unifying approach
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The interaction between the Bank of England's forecasts and policy, and the outturn
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The Monetary Policy Committee's reaction function: an exercise in estimation|
Goodhart, Charles (2004)
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Career concerns in financial markets
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Real effects of regional house prices: dynamic panel estimation with heterogeneity
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A model to analyse financial fragility
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A human capital explanation for an asset allocation puzzle?
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Multiple-bank lending: diversification and free-riding in monitoring
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General properties of rational stock-market fluctuations
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A theory of sovereign debt roll-over crisis
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Sponsoring company finance and investment and defined benefit pension scheme deficits
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Performance of personal pension schemes in the UK
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Stopping short?: evidence on contributions to long-term savings from aggregate and micro data
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Financial institutions and the wealth of nations: tales of development
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Simple tests for models of dependence between multiple financial time series, with applications to U.S. equity returns and exchange rates
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A model to Analyse financial fragility: applications
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IPO underpricing during the boom: a block-booking explanation|
James, Kevin R. (2004)
FMG Discussion Paper 481

Block-booking and IPO share allocation: the importance of being ignorant
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Continous time optimal stochastic growth: local martingales, transversality and existence
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Principal agent problems under loss aversion: an application to executive stock options
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An Introduction to hedge funds 
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Simulated nonparametric estimation of continuous time models of asset prices and returns
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Stochastic lifestyling: optimal dynamic asset allocation for defined contribution pension plans
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Co-ordination failure and the role of banks in the resolution of financial distress
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FMG Discussion Paper 420