Flexible term structure estimation: which method is preferable?
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What happens when you regulate risk?: evidence from a simple equilibrium model|
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Rational limits to arbitrage
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Saving eliminates credit rationing|
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Crisis costs and debtor discipline: the efficacy of public policy in sovereign debt crises
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Financial development, agency and the pace of adoption of new techniques
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The structure of bank relationships, endogenous monitoring and loan rates
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Signalling with debt and equity: a unifying approach and its implications for the pecking order hypothesis and competitive credit rationing|
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What do internal capital markets do?: redistribution vs. incentives
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Constrained indirect inference estimation|
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Testing the capital asset pricing model efficiently under elliptical symmetry: a semiparametric approach|
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Efficiency properties of rational expectations equilibria with asymmetric information
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Mean-variance portfolio allocation with a value at risk constraint|
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Tests of the Fama and French model in India|
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Agency conflicts, ownership concentration, and legal shareholder protection|
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The skill profile of central bankers and supervisors
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Financing and corporate growth under repeated moral hazard|
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Housing market dynamics: on the contribution of income shocks and credit constraints
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The impact of technology on cash usage
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Coordination risk and the price of debt
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Does one Soros make a difference?: a theory of currency crises with large and small traders
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A structured GARCH model of daily equity return volatility
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Disclosures and asset returns|
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In defence of usury laws|
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The dealers ride again: volatility and order flow dynamics in a hybrid market
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Foreign exchange intervention and macroeconomic stability|
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