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Number 95|

  • The sixth annual Paul Woolley Centre conference
  •  Financial regulation and architecture conference
  • New members of staff
  •  FMG scholarships
  • FMG publications

 QR 94

Number 94|

  • Unintended consequences of the new financial regulations
  • Athanasios Orphanides LFR seminar
  • Private Equity public lecture
  • Paul Woolley Centre scholars announcement
  • Deutsche Bank Doctoral Fellows announcement
  • FMG leavers



QR 93

Number 93| 

  • The launch of the ESRC Systemic Risk Centre
  • European Banking Union conference
  • Corporate Governance at LSE
  • The future of computer trading in financial markets conference





 FMG 92

Number 92|

  • The fifth annual Paul Woolley Centre conference
  • Corporate Governance at LSE: brownbag seminar series
  • New FMG members






Number 91|

  • Complements to Basel Conference
  • Corporate Governance at LSE: a discussion with John Kay
  • Deutsche Bank Prize: winners announced
  • Paul Woolley Centre scholars for 2012-13 announced
  • Deutsche Bank for fellows for 2012-14 announced 





Number 90|

  • FMG's 25th Anniversary event with Sir Mervyn King
  • Banking structure, regulation and competition conference
  • Urs Rohner lecture- Dealing with the EU crisis: the role and responsibility of the banks






Number 89|

  • LSE perspectives on the sovereign debt crisis
  • FMG research profile: Euro-nomics
  • Gary Glenser on the global reform for derivatives market
  • New FMG research students







Number 88|

  • 4th Annual Paul Woolley Centre conference
  • Deutsche Bank Prize 2011
  • Deutsche Bank Fellowship 2011
  • Paul Woolley Centre Scholarships 2011
  • FMG leavers 2011






Number 87|

  • Financial Intermediation, banking and stability conference
  • 6th MTS conference: fixed income markets after the crisis
  • AXA, Bank of England, HEIF4 macroprudential policy conference
  • AXA, Bank of England conference: measuring systemic risk



Number 86|

  • 3rd Annual Paul Woolley Centre conference
  • Abraaj Capital public lecture
  • AXA-Bank of England-HEIF4 conference
  • NAMSEF workshop








Number 85| 

  • Sources of contagion conference
  • Laurence Kotlikoff public lecture
  • Research profile of Professor Charles Goodhart
  • Corporate governance workshop







Number 84|

  • Launch of AXA-LSE Research Programme
  • Message from the new FMG Director
  • Memorial conference for Professor Antoine Faure- Grimaud
  • FMG Conference: Too big to fail, too interconnected to fail






Number 83|

  • FMG's new Director announced
  • 2nd Annual Paul Woolley Centre conference
  • Professor Robert Shiller lecture
  • Incentives and organisational structure conference







Number 82| 

  • Financial regulation conference
  • Dr Mario Nava public lecture
  • Housing conference








Number 81| 

  • Conference: regulatory response to the financial crisis
  • RICAFE2 policy workshop
  • Audit firm corporate governance roundtable debate








Number 80|

  • The financial crisis: an LSE View point
  • Lecture: Is Basel II enough? The benefits of a leverage ratio
  • Advances in high frequency financial econometrics conference
  • RICAFE2 third conference
  • Capital structure, liquidity and governance conference





Number 79|

  • 1st annual Paul Woolley Centre conference
  • Stability of the global financial system: regulation and policy response
  • Adam Smith asset pricing conference







Number 78|

  • Public lecture: financial market stability
  • Lessons from the crisis for financial regulation
  • Integrating historical date and expectations in financial econometrics workshop
  • RICAFE2 third conference
  • Are accounting rules pro cyclical? Mark to market workshop




Number 77|

  • FMG and Deutsche Bank conference: The structure of regulation
  • Public lecture by Axel A Weber, President of Deutsche Bundesbank
  • Corporate Governance at LSE: Capital market summit
  • Corporate Governance at LSE: The future of AIM as a stock market for growing companies




Number 76|

  • GAM Gibert de Botton award lecture
  •  LFR Seminar: The financial crisis conference
  • Corporate Governance at LSE: private enforcement of corporate and securities law
  • Corporate Governance at LSE: the governance of executive pay






Number 75|

  • The launch of the Paul Woolley Centre for the study of capital market dysfunctionality
  • Interview with Dr Paul Woolley
  • The Financial Crisis is not liquidity; it is capital. Opinion piece by Charles Goodhart
  • Cycles, contagion and crises conference





Number 74| 

  • Corporate governance and regulation: can there be too much of a good thing?
  • Corporate Governance at LSE: private equity roundtable debate
  • The future of pension plan funding conference






Number 73|

  • Corporate Governance at LSE
  • New research grant from the Leverhulme Trust 









Number 72| 

  • Gam Gilbert de Botton award lecture
  • Pension plan funding, stock market, asset allocation and corporate finance conference
  • Research debate: recent developments in German corporate governance
  • Financial Regulation workshop: prompt corrective action and cross-border supervisory issues in Europe
  • The London-Oxford financial econometrics workshop


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