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The FMG Review, formerly known as the FMG Quarterly Review, is published three times per year and provides readers with news from the FMG, including reports on conferences and events, staff profiles and publications.

You can view pdf copies of older FMG Reviews below.


Number 98

  • Seventh Annual Paul Woolley Centre Conference
  • Economic Networks and Finance Conference
  • Seminars and events
  • FMG visitors
  • FMG publications

Number 97

  • Managing and financing European bank resolution conference
  • DB and PWC scholars for 2014-15
  • FMG leavers
  • FMG Funding success

Number 96

  • Arthur Grimes seminar
  • FMG research profile: network risk
  • FMG job market candidates
  • Prof Joel Shapiro: visiting academic 




Number 95

  • The sixth annual Paul Woolley Centre conference
  •  Financial regulation and architecture conference
  • New members of staff
  •  FMG scholarships
  • FMG publications

Number 94

  • Unintended consequences of the new financial regulations
  • Athanasios Orphanides LFR seminar
  • Private Equity public lecture
  • Paul Woolley Centre scholars announcement
  • Deutsche Bank Doctoral Fellows announcement
  • FMG leavers

Number 93 

  • The launch of the ESRC Systemic Risk Centre
  • European Banking Union conference
  • Corporate Governance at LSE
  • The future of computer trading in financial markets conference



Number 92

  • The fifth annual Paul Woolley Centre conference
  • Corporate Governance at LSE: brownbag seminar series
  • New FMG members

Number 91

  • Complements to Basel Conference
  • Corporate Governance at LSE: a discussion with John Kay
  • Deutsche Bank Prize: winners announced
  • Paul Woolley Centre scholars for 2012-13 announced
  • Deutsche Bank for fellows for 2012-14 announced 

Number 90

  • FMG's 25th Anniversary event with Sir Mervyn King
  • Banking structure, regulation and competition conference
  • Urs Rohner lecture- Dealing with the EU crisis: the role and responsibility of the banks



Number 89

  • LSE perspectives on the sovereign debt crisis
  • FMG research profile: Euro-nomics
  • Gary Glenser on the global reform for derivatives market
  • New FMG research students

Number 88

  • 4th Annual Paul Woolley Centre conference
  • Deutsche Bank Prize 2011
  • Deutsche Bank Fellowship 2011
  • Paul Woolley Centre Scholarships 2011
  • FMG leavers 2011

Number 87

  • Financial Intermediation, banking and stability conference
  • 6th MTS conference: fixed income markets after the crisis
  • AXA, Bank of England, HEIF4 macroprudential policy conference
  • AXA, Bank of England conference: measuring systemic risk



Number 86

  • 3rd Annual Paul Woolley Centre conference
  • Abraaj Capital public lecture
  • AXA-Bank of England-HEIF4 conference
  • NAMSEF workshop

Number 85 

  • Sources of contagion conference
  • Laurence Kotlikoff public lecture
  • Research profile of Professor Charles Goodhart
  • Corporate governance workshop

Number 84

  • Launch of AXA-LSE Research Programme
  • Message from the new FMG Director
  • Memorial conference for Professor Antoine Faure- Grimaud
  • FMG Conference: Too big to fail, too interconnected to fail



Number 83

  • FMG's new Director announced
  • 2nd Annual Paul Woolley Centre conference
  • Professor Robert Shiller lecture
  • Incentives and organisational structure conference

Number 82 

  • Financial regulation conference
  • Dr Mario Nava public lecture
  • Housing conference

Number 81 

  • Conference: regulatory response to the financial crisis
  • RICAFE2 policy workshop
  • Audit firm corporate governance roundtable debate

Number 80

  • The financial crisis: an LSE View point
  • Lecture: Is Basel II enough? The benefits of a leverage ratio
  • Advances in high frequency financial econometrics conference
  • RICAFE2 third conference
  • Capital structure, liquidity and governance conference



Number 79

  • 1st annual Paul Woolley Centre conference
  • Stability of the global financial system: regulation and policy response
  • Adam Smith asset pricing conference

Number 78

  • Public lecture: financial market stability
  • Lessons from the crisis for financial regulation
  • Integrating historical date and expectations in financial econometrics workshop
  • RICAFE2 third conference
  • Are accounting rules pro cyclical? Mark to market workshop

Number 77

  • FMG and Deutsche Bank conference: The structure of regulation
  • Public lecture by Axel A Weber, President of Deutsche Bundesbank
  • Corporate Governance at LSE: Capital market summit
  • Corporate Governance at LSE: The future of AIM as a stock market for growing companies

Number 76

  • GAM Gibert de Botton award lecture
  •  LFR Seminar: The financial crisis conference
  • Corporate Governance at LSE: private enforcement of corporate and securities law
  • Corporate Governance at LSE: the governance of executive pay



Number 75

  • The launch of the Paul Woolley Centre for the study of capital market dysfunctionality
  • Interview with Dr Paul Woolley
  • The Financial Crisis is not liquidity; it is capital. Opinion piece by Charles Goodhart
  • Cycles, contagion and crises conference

Number 74 

  • Corporate governance and regulation: can there be too much of a good thing?
  • Corporate Governance at LSE: private equity roundtable debate
  • The future of pension plan funding conference

Number 73

  • Corporate Governance at LSE
  • New research grant from the Leverhulme Trust 

Number 72 

  • Gam Gilbert de Botton award lecture
  • Pension plan funding, stock market, asset allocation and corporate finance conference
  • Research debate: recent developments in German corporate governance
  • Financial Regulation workshop: prompt corrective action and cross-border supervisory issues in Europe
  • The London-Oxford financial econometrics workshop