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Announcement of The Paul Woolley Centre Scholars 2007-2008

The Paul Woolley Centre is pleased to announce that Yuki Sato and Bernhard Silli have been awarded The Paul Woolley Centre Scholarship for 2007-2008.|

Yuki Sato

Yuki Sato| is a 3rd-year PhD student at the Department of Economics, LSE. He received a BA and MA in Economics from Keio University, Japan. He came to the UK in 2005, completing his MSc in Economics at UCL in 2006 and finishing his MRes in Economics at LSE in summer 2007. His research interests are in theories on capital markets e.g., bubbles, delegated portfolio management, and their implication for macro economy.


Bernhard Silli

Bernhard Silli |is a visiting PhD student in Finance from Universitat Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona. His research focus lies in empirical asset pricing and the microstructure of financial markets. In particular he is interested in the trading behaviour of professional money managers and its impact on asset prices.