Articles for general readership

The research output of the Paul Woolley Centre for the Study of Capital Market Dysfunctionality is published in a Working Paper Series and these papers can be downloaded from the website on the following Working Papers link|.   However, the articles listed below are non-technical papers aimed at general readership. 

Chasing trends is a dangerous game| [PDF]
Financial Times
16 October 2013

Momentum Investing is bad for your wealth| [PDF]
Financial Times
12 July 2013

Fund managers, think outside the bonus
|Evening Standard
4 July 2013

Long-term battle to expel short-term risk| [PDF]
Financial Times
13 March 2013

Taming the finance monster.|
Central Banking Journal
December 2012 Issue.

Investors must rediscover their patience|.
Financial Times
16 August 2012

Investing for your own and the greater good.|
Alliance Journal for foundations
June 2012 

New light on choice of investment strategy.
18 January 2012 

The Future of Finance: Chapter 3|.
London School of Economics
July 2010

Rent Capture Through Financial Innovation.| 
25 March 2010 

Capital Market Theory after the Efficient Market Hypothesis. 
5 October 2009