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Corporate Finance and Governance

The purpose of the Corporate Finance and Governance research programme is to promote practically useful research on the behaviour of firms and their relationship with capital markets. Our main focus is on applied theory and empirical research; we also welcome interdisciplinary research. We are particularly interested in promoting rigorous empirical work using robust econometric methods and careful data analysis. We encourage research that uses original data sets to uncover new empirical facts, research that focuses on the identification of causal effects, and research that aims to produce findings that are robust across different models and methods.

The main research areas of the programme are:

  • Corporate governance, executive compensation, boards of directors, and CEOs
  • Private equity, venture capital, entrepreneurship, and innovation
  • Ownership, control, and financial contracting
  • Governance of financial institutions
  • Corporate strategy, mergers and acquisitions, and corporate investment
  • Organizational structure and incentives in firms
  • Capital structure
  • Interactions between financial markets and corporate decisions

Programme members

Programme director

Senior researchers

Ron Anderson
Maria Bustamante


Maria Cecilia Bustamante

Dong Lou
Professor David Webb


Associate members

  • Renée Adams
  • Sridhar Arcot
  • Jan Bena
  • Carsten Bienz
  • Mike Burkart
  • Pierre Chaigneau
  • Claudia Custodio
  • Dragana Cvijanovic
  • Andrew Ellul
  • Denis Gromb
  • Felder Hardymon
  • Thomas Kirchmaier
  • Josh Lerner
  • Geoffrey Owen
  • Keun Jung Lee
  • Daniel Metzger
  • John Hardman Moore
  • Radoslawa Nikolowa
  • Per Stromberg

Research and projects

  • Corporate Governance at LSE
    The mission of Corporate Governance at LSE is to conduct and encourage high quality research in corporate governance, to facilitate debate between professionals and policy-makers, and promote the implementation of best corporate governance practices.
  • Abraaj Group research initiative


Working papers

Members of the Corporate Governance at LSE regularly publish their research in the FMG working papers.

Other publications

For a list of publications by author, please view the research programme members' personal webpages (where available).