The Financial Markets Group has developed long standing relationships with corporate and public sponsors including the Bank of England and over 50 financial institutions that have provided support for our research programme over the years. Our partnerships with our sponsors, are mutually beneficial. We own much of our success in carrying out research of direct relevance to the business sector, to our relationship with a large variety of sponsors and our ability to sustain independent funds; at the same time, our sound research record helps our sponsors stay abreast of leading academic work on financial innovation and development, and domestic and international regulatory debates.

The Corporate Governance at LSE programme has already attracted the support of institutions such as Deutsche Bank, the Bank of Italy, Watson Wyatt and other anonymous corporate sponsors.

We greatly value this support which has enabled us to continue our activities such as the publication of our discussion papers and the organisation of the programme of Corporate Governance at LSE Research Debates.

Should you also be interested in supporting our research and dissemination work in the area of Corporate Governance, there are various opportunities to get involved. These range from sponsoring a specific event to developing jointly a research project on a corporate governance topic of mutual interest to your organisation and our researchers. If you are interested to discuss this in more detail please contact Professor Daniel Ferreira| or Dr Tom Kirchmaier|