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Corporate Governance at LSE
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Corporate Governance at LSE

Corporate Governance at LSE is a research initiative launched by the Financial Markets Group |at the London School of Economics and Political Science in the context of the Group's Corporate Finance and Governance Research Programme|. Its mission is to conduct and encourage high quality research in corporate governance, to facilitate debate between professionals and policy-makers, and promote the implementation of best corporate governance practices.

This research programme was formed out of the felt need to engage in interdisciplinary and cross-border research in corporate governance through collaboration with researchers in the areas of Finance, Law, Economics, and Management. To this effect the Programme brings together academics from the Department of Management|, Department of Law|, the Department of Economics|, and the Department of Finance |of the London School of Economics, while actively seeks collaboration with professional bodies, corporations and other groups, on corporate governance issues. Find out more at About Corporate Governance at LSE|.