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Trends in European cross-border banking

Contributor: Ralph De Haas

February 2016

Ralph De Haas (European Bank for Reconstruction and Development) discusses recent trends in cross-border banking in Europe in the wake of the global financial crisis. De Haas speaks about the role of foreign banks in Emerging Europe; the recent financial fragmentation in Europe; the growing role of cross-border bond issuance; and the importance of relationship lending during the crisis.


Retaining female talent: the role of technology and flexibility in increasing female leadership

Contributor: Carol Sawdye

September 2015

Carol Sawdye, Vice Chairman and Chief Financial Officer of PwC USA joins Dr Tom Kirchmaier to discuss retaining female talent, the discrepancy between skilled female graduates and the number of women on boards, and how technology may drive change.

ShortVIEW series: Corporate Governance in Emerging Economies

Contributors: Gary Greenberg (A Lost Cause?); Nimesh Kampani (India); Michael Cheng & Professor Wei Shen (China)

September 2015

Our series of shortVIEW interviews looking at Corporate Governance:

  • Gary Greenberg, Head of Emerging Markets, Hermes Investment Management, discusses the big issues in CG in emerging economies, and the importance of understanding the differences between economies. 
  • Nimesh Kampani, Chairman of the Confederation of Indian Industry’s National Committee on Financial Markets, joins Dr Tom Kirchmaier to focus on the big corporate governance issues in India.
  • Dr Hans Hirt of Hermes Investment Management travels to Hong Kong to meet Michael Cheng (Asian Corporate Governance Association) and Professor Wei Shen (Shanghai Jiaotong University) to discuss trends and developments in China - while LSE's Dr Tom Kirchmaier joins the conversation via video link. 

Shareholder Rights and Short-Termism

Contributors: David Kershaw, Andrew Wood, William Underhill

June 2015

The Law, Finance and the Abyss

Contributors: Professor Edmund Schuster, Professor Martin Hellwig, Dr Miguel Segoviano

June 2015

In financial markets law and finance are intrinsically connected. When markets collapse, however, legal rules are pushed into the background and other forces take over. In this short discussion Edmund Schuster talks to Professor Martin Hellwig and Dr Miguel Segoviano about the wider implications for Global Financial Markets and Corporate Governance.

ShortVIEW: Shareholder rebellion at Deutsche Bank

Contributor: Dr Hans-Christoph Hirt

June 2015

At Deutsche Bank's annual general meeting, 39% of its shareholders voted against approving the performance of the group's co-chief executives and other members of the management board. Dr Tom Kirchmaier analyses this shareholder revolt with Dr Hans-Christoph Hirt, a Director of Hermes Investment Management, which represents around 0.5% of shares in the bank and has been vocal in its criticism.

ShortVIEW: Law and Finance in Emerging Economies: The Case of Germany 1800-1913

Contributor: Dr Carsten Gerner-Beuerle

June 2015

By most standards, Britain in the mid-19th century was not only the preeminent industrial power in the world, but also possessed more developed capital markets than any other country. The probably most widely accepted explanation attributes this gap in financial development to more stringent disclosure requirements and more effective enforcement mechanisms in Britain. The explanatory models, however, are commonly not based on a detailed comparative legal analysis of the regulatory environment, but consider only isolated major reforms. The discussed research constructs a comprehensive time series of the evolving disclosure framework and private enforcement mechanisms during the formative stage of capital markets in Britain and one large emerging economy of continental Europe, Germany.

ShortVIEW: Corporate governance challenges in Emerging Markets

Contributor: Dr Hans-Christoph Hirt

June 2015

Dr Tom Kirchmaier talks to Dr Hans-Christoph Hirt surrounding the differing problems surrounding Corporate Governance in Emerging Markets, and introduces a new series that looks into the various aspects of it. It will be followed by a longer debate held in Hong Kong later on in the year.

ShortVIEW: Are shareholders lazy?

Contributor: Dr Hans-Christoph Hirt

June 2015

Dr Tom Kirchmaier talks to Dr Hans-Christoph Hirt on issues of short-termism and shareholder democracy.

Corporate Boards: facts and myths

Contributor: Professor Daniel Ferreira

January 2015

Corporate Boards are a central part of a firm’s governance structure, and have since the 1980s received regulatory attention in the attempt to improve firm performance. Lately, other social considerations have made it to the regulatory agenda. The presentation will focus on two key questions: What do we really know about corporate boards? Why should we care?

Women on Boards: Myths and facts

Contributor: Renee Adams

December 2014

Women in the workforce are key to healthy economies (Lagarde, 2014), but this does not mean that adding more women to the board will necessarily increase shareholder value, or that the financial crisis would not have happened if Lehman Brothers had been Lehman Sisters (Kroes, 2009). Negative stereotypes may be one reason women are underrepresented in management. Are women better served if we promote them on the basis of positive stereotypes? Are they better served if we address the causes of their underrepresentation directly?

Renee Adams

Interview: Professor Renée Adams with Dr Tom Kirchmaier

17 December 2014

Professor Renée Adams discusses the myths and facts surrounding women's participation on corporate boards.


Short-termism; the Market for Corporate control and Takeover regulation

October 2014

This seminar explores the role of the market for corporate control and its regulation by the takeover code in encouraging Short term behaviour by companies.

The takeover code and the battle for Astra Zeneca

Contributor(s): Daniel Ferreira, David Kershaw

May 2014

In the aftermath of Pfizer’s failed takeover attempt, Professor Daniel Ferreira interviews Professor David Kershaw, who is an expert on UK takeover rules, about the role of such rules on the outcome of the proposed deal.  


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