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About UVA

The UVA node will consist of Stefan Arping, Professor Joeseph McCahery, Professor Enrico Perotti, Armin Schwienbacher (local project coordinator), Mirjam van Praag, Mariassunta Giannetti and Ibolya Schindele

The University of Amsterdam has a long tradition in producing high-quality research with its steady flow of research publications in top journals. At the same time, it is a truly mutli-disciplinary research institution. Interdisciplinary research seminars take place every week and contribute to promoting a unique research environment. In particular, there is great interaction between the departments contributing to this project: finance (Finance Group), law (Amsterdam Center for Law and Economics (ACLE)) and organization (within the research group SCHOLAR).

 The Finance Group is an active node in the international network of top research centers in Finance. It is an important meeting point for the exchange and elaboration of novel ideas and methodologies in financial economics. The Finance Group has been participating in a number of EU research grant in the past. The Amsterdam Center for Law & Economics (ACLE) is a joint initiative of the economics and law faculties of the University of Amsterdam. It combines the research expertise of some twenty scholars in both disciplines. Finally, the group SCHOLAR (acronym for “Education, Labour Market and Economic Development”) is itself a multidisciplinary research group. It includes well-established researchers from sociology, education, and economics.


Armin Schwienbacher - Local project coordinator

Stefan Arping

Prof. Joesph A. McCahery

Prof. Enrico Perotti

Mirjam Van Praag

Mariassunta Giannetti

Ibolya Schindele