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About Tilburg

The Tilburg node will be composed by Marco Da Rin (local project coordinator and project co-leader) Ashish Arora, Alfonso Gambardella, Maria Fabiana Penas and Thomas Hellmann

The Department of Finance at Tilburg University is one of Europes’ most productive Finance research groups. It is very active in both the fields of corporate finance and investment and asset pricing. In corporate finance, the group is working both on theoretical and empirical issues. Current theoretical, empirical, and policy areas of extended interest include corporate governance (in particular managerial compensation), market microstructure, and relationship banking. The group further continues to be engaged in theoretical and empirical research across a wide range of topics including the interaction between product and capital markets, venture capital finance, trade credit, market liquidity, debt renegotiation, structural pricing, investment constraints, incremental capital structure decisions, IPOs, and transitional finance. Several members of the Finance Group are also actively involved in the Microeconomics Group.


Marco Da Rin - Project co-leader & Local project coordinator

Ashish Arora

Alfonso Gambardella

Maria Fabiana Penas

Thomas Hellmann