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Special papers

Research published in the special paper series often plays a role in public debate, being a vehicle for FMG staff to comment on topical questions in finance and influence policy

Originally, FMG special papers were the only FMG working paper series. These days special papers investigate broader ideas in the financial markets than the discussion papers, often following conferences, at which debates have stimulated further research and cooperation between participants and the wider academic and professional financial community.

The FMG's special paper series dates back to the founding of the FMG in 1987 with the first papers having been written by FMG co-founders Mervyn King and Charles Goodhart. Currently, only papers from 1995 onwards have been made available online.

Research published in the special paper series often plays a role in public debate, being a vehicle for FMG staff to comment on topical questions in finance and influence policy.


SP259: Regulatory Reforms after Covid
Simeon Djankov, Dorina Georgieva and Hibret Maemir (May 2020)

SP258: COVID-19: A Double Whammy of Financial and Economic Sudden Stops for Emerging Economies
Gianluca Benigno, Andrew T. Foerster, Christopher Otrok and Alessandro Rebucci (May 2020)

SP257: The Economic Risk of COVID-19 in Developing Countries: Where is it Highest?
Ilan Noy, Nguyen Doan, Benno Ferrarini and Donghyun Park (May 2020)

SP256: Coping with a Dual Shock:Perspective from the Middle East and North Africa
Rabah Arezki, Rachel Yuting Fan and Ha Nguyen (May 2020)

SP255: Survival of firms in developing economies during economic crisis
Erica Bosio, Joseph Lemoine, Filip Jolevski and Rita Ramalho (May 2020)

SP254: A Restart Procedure to Deal with Covid-19
Cynthia Balloch, Simeon Djankov, Juanita Gonzalez-Uribe and Dimitri Vayanos (May 2020)

SP253: Synthetic Forecasting Method for Covid-19: Applications to UK and Turkey
Orkun Saka (April 2020)
Systemic Risk Centre Special Paper SP19 

SP252: When will the Covid-19 pandemic peak?
Oliver Linton (April 2020)
Systemic Risk Centre Special Paper SP18

SP251: Sell in May and Go Away in the Equity Index Futures Markets, 1993-2019
Constantine Dzhabarov and Bill Ziemba (January 2020)
Systemic Risk Centre Special Paper SP17


SP250: Artifical Intelligence and Systemic Risk
Jon Danielsson, Robert Macrae and Andreas Uthemann (July 2019)
Systemic Risk Centre Special Paper SP16


SP249: Did central banks cause the last financial crisis? Will they cause the next?
Philip Turner (November 2017)

SP248: Are banks still special?
Thomas Huertas (November 2017)

SP247: International Liquidity
Philipp Hartmann (August 2017)

SP246: Michael John Artis: An extended Memoir 1938-2016
Charles A.E Goodhart and Mervyn K. Lewis (May 2017)





SP227: Lost at Sea: The Euro Needs a Euro Treasury
Jörg Bibow (November 2013)

SP226: Financial Regulation After the Crisis:
How Did We Get Here, and How Do We Get Out?

Gerard Caprio, Jr. (November 2013)

SP225: U.K. Monetary Policy: Observations on its Theory and Practice
SGB Henry (July 2013)

SP224: Macro-Modelling, Default and Money
Charles Goodhart, Dimitrios Tsomocos and Martin Shubik (June 2013)

SP223: Can Regulation, Supervision & Survellance save Euroland
Leif Pagrosky (June 2013)

SP222: Too Big to Fail in Banking: What does this mean?
George Kaufman (June 2013)

SP221: Safe to Fail
Thomas F. Huertas (June 2013)

SP220: The Optimal Finance Structure
C.A.E. Goodhart (March 2013)

SP219: The Potential Instruments of Monetary Policy
C.A.E. Goodhart (January 2013)

SP218: “Theory anchors” explain the 1920s NYSE Bubble
Ali Kabiri (January 2013)

SP217: What should we do about (Macro) Pru? Macro Prudential Policy and Credit
Ray Barrell and Dilruba Karim (January 2013)