Thirteenth Annual Conference

Bank for International Settlements, Basel

The Paul Woolley Centre holds a conference each year with the aim of bringing together researchers who focus on questions relevant to the Centre's research themes, disseminating their research, and stimulating the development of new ideas. The 13th Annual Conference will be held in collaboration with the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) on 4th-5th June 2020.

We are now calling for papers. The deadline for submission of papers is 14th February 2020


Finance Theory Group - 5th European Summer Meeting

Tuesday 2nd - Wednesday 3rd June 2020
Central European University, Budapest, Hungary

The next summer meeting of the FTG will be jointly sponsored by the Central European University and the Paul Woolley Centre at the London School of Economics. The event will last two full days and include a mix of hour-long plenary paper presentations and 30-minute shorter talks for early stage work in parallel sessions. The event is open to non-FTG members. A call for papers will follow.


Public lectures and seminars