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Second FMG roundtable with Swiss Re

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LSE's partnership with Swiss Re continued on February 24th 2017 as the FMG hosted a second roundtable event to investigate the stability of financial markets, the health of private capital markets and more specifically the environment in which long-term investors operate. Dr Simeon Djankov (Executive Director of the Financial Markets Group) presented findings into expansive monetary policy in a low interest rate environment; Professor Ricardo Reis (A W Phillips Professor of Economics) shared preliminary research on new central bank liabilities; and Jérôme Haegeli (Managing Director at Swiss Re) discussed the need to strengthen private capital markets - a long-term investor's perspective. Read more about the LSE - Swiss Re partnership

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Slides: The case for strengthening private capital markets (24th Feb 2017) - Jérôme Haegeli, Head Investment Strategy, Swiss Re

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