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Media articles from 2011

The political endgame for the euro crisis
|Charles Goodhart, voxeu.org, 15 December 2011

Greece: The way forward
|Dimitri Vayanos, voxeu.org, 30 November 2011

If banks should act as utilities, why not treat them as such?
|Charles Goodhart, voxeu.org, 30 August 2011

An institutional bailout plan for Greece
|Dimitri Vayanos, voxeu.org, 13 August 2011

Greek lessons for Italy and Spain: Papaioannou and Vayanos
|Dimitri Vayanos, Bloomberg, 11 August 2011

'Bail-in' debt can be valuable tool in preventing contagion
Ron Anderson,Financial Times: Letters, 15 July 2011 (in response to article below)

Basel on wrong path to tackle systemic risk
Charles Goodhart, Financial Times,7 July 2011

Capital, politics and bank weaknesses
|Jon Danielsson, voxeu.org,  27 June 2011

The appropriate use of risk models: part 1
|Jon Danielsson, voxeu.org,16 June 2011

Not far enough: recommendations of the UK's Independent Commission on Banking
|Charles Goodhart, voxeu.org, 13 May 2011 

Risk and crises
|Jon Danielsson, voxeu.org, 18 February 2011