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City of London

Stress testing and macroprudential regulation: A transatlantic assessment
, May 2016

Since the onset of the Global Crisis in 2007-08, stress testing has emerged as a major component of the supervisory toolkit. Professor Ron Anderson presents the perspectives of policymakers, stress test designers and academics on the remarkable development of a tool which ten years ago was little known.

Simeon Djankov

Viktor Orban uses migrant crisis to shore up his sagging popularity
, September 2015

Simeon Djankov examines Hungary's response to the migrant crisis, and suggests Prime Minister Viktor Orban is exploting Europe's weak response.


Time to shake up housing finance
ft.com, 29 September 2014
In this article for the Financial Times Prof Charles Goodhart argues that the focus on structural reform should go beyond banking.

Rate rise pattern is different time
ft.com, 2 April 2014
The US Federal Reserve’s forward guidance last May that it would soon begin to “taper” its asset purchases marked the start of a new phase of global monetary normalisation, writes Charles Goodhart (FMG) in article for The Financial Times.

Why fiscal sustainability matters
economywatch.com, 13 January 2014
Fiscal sustainability has become a hot topic as a result of the European sovereign debt crisis, but it matters in normal times, too. This column, written by FMG research associate Willem Buiter (Chief Economist of Citigroup) argues that financial sector reforms are essential to ensure fiscal sustainability in the future.

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