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Is European Red Tape a Real Reason for Brexit? Hardly
Business leaders – notably James Dyson and the CEO of JCB – have cited the scale of EU regulation as a reason to leave, and voters have been persuaded. Yet some of this criticism is unjustified, writes Simeon Djankov. Indeed, the UK was instrumental in setting up the European Commission’s Regulatory Scrutiny Board, whose purpose is to clamp down on unnecessary red tape. Read more.

FMG's Simeon Djankov on Europe’s Growth Challenges
Simeon Djankov has addressed Europe's Growth Challenges in a series of interviews and a public lecture at Aarhus University. Addressing issues including tech, European Energy Union, pensions and tax, Dr Djankov proposes a series of measures to improve European Growth.

Public Lecture: How Much Equity Capital Should Banks Have?
Recorded at LSE in April, Sir John Vickers (Oxford) discusses the contentious issue of the appropriate amount of equity capital that banks should hold against their assets. Listen now.

New working paper highlights the 'Curse of the Benchmarks' in financial markets
A new working paper by Dimitri Vayanos and Paul Woolley suggests that using stock market indexes as benchmarks of investment performance causes most of the problems associated with asset pricing and asset management: risk/return inversion, short-termism, bubbles and crashes, and  low returns. Intriguingly, momentum funds game benchmarked funds and exacerbate the distortions. Read the paper.

Public Lecture: Has European Venture Capital Finally Arrived?
Recorded at LSE, this event brings together academics and practitioners to discuss the state of the European venture capital market. Professor Ulf Axelson sets the stage with a short presentation of new evidence on the drivers of success of venture capital deals, contrasting results in Europe and the US. Professor Felda Hardymon then leads a panel discussion featuring Byron DeeterSaul Klein, and Magnus GoodladWatch now.


Public Lecture: Shaken but not Stirred? The Banking System Seven Years after the Crisis
While bankers and regulators are still busy implementing the lessons learnt from the crisis, new challenges have arisen that might once again change the banking landscape. Dr Andreas Dombret (Executive Board of the Deutsche Bundesbank) joins Professor Sir Charles Bean to examine the issues. Watch now.

LSE Public Lecture: Between Debt and the Devil: money, credit and fixing global finance
Adair Turner joins BBC Economics Editor Robert Peston to discuss how future public policy must constrain the quantity - and influence the allocation - of private credit creation. Listen now.

Winner announced for the Deutsche Bank Prize in Financial Risk Management and Regulation 2015
Una Savic of the LSE Department of Finance has been awarded the 2015 Deutsche Bank Prize. The £10'000 prize is is awarded annually by Deutsche Bank and the Financial Markets Group. Read more.

LSE Public Lecture: Irrational Exuberance: as relevant as ever
Nobel Prize-winning economist Robert Shiller cautions that irrational exuberance among investors has only increased since the financial crisis. This public lecture was recorded at LSE and Chaired by FMG Director Professor Christopher Polk. Watch now.

8th Annual Paul Woolley Centre Conference
The 8th annual Conference of the Paul Woolley Centre for the Study of Capital Market Dysfunctionality took place at the London School of Economics on 4-5 June 2015. More information.

FMG Review 98 published
The latest Review newsletter is now available for free here. In this edition read the seventh annual Paul Woolley Centre Conference, the Economic Networks and Finance Conference, and FMG seminars, events, news and publications.

LSE Public Lecture: A Conversation on Central Banking
Speakers: Alan Budd and Mervyn King
Lord King and Sir Alan Budd join the FMG's Professor Charles Goodhart to look back at central developments in Banking over the last two decades. Watch event video.