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FMG announcements from 2010

Research debate: "The boards of banks"
|October 2010
The Corporate Governance at LSE group presented some of its latest research on the Boards of Banks around the world, discussing the link between performance of banks during the crisis and their board structure. The group is a research initiative launched by the FMG's Corporate Finance and Governance research programme.

Conference: 'Macroprudential Policy: Issues and Challenges'
|October 2010
The FMG and CCBS Bank of England hosted a one day conference to explore the case for Macroprudential Policy in an imperfect world.

Conference: Assessing the Effectiveness of the New Regulatory Architecture
|October 2010
The FMG and Deutsche Bank co-organised this conference bringing together some of the key financial regulators, bankers and academics to assess the recent changes to the regulatory regime in the financial sector, and to propose new ideas for future change.

New FMG research programme launched
|September 2010
The FMG and LSE's Finance Department launched the MSc Finance and Private Equity and the Abraaj Capital Private Equity research programme, in partnership with Abraaj Capital.  The research programme focuses on the economic role of private equity and venture capital organisations in the global market.

New Publication: 'The Future of Finance: The LSE Report'
|August 2010
The Future of Finance: The LSE Report provides a key insight into the existing global financial system and offers an innovative approach into potential reform of the world's financial system.  The report was authored by many of the leading financiers, academics, officials and journalists, including Paul Woolley and Charles Goodhart.

Public Lecture: A Manifesto for Giant Funds - Resolving the Dysfunctionality of Finance
|May 2010

Conference: Sources of Contagion
|February 2010

Public Lecture: Jimmy Stewart is Dead - Ending the World's Ongoing Financial Plague with Limited Purpose Banking
|February 2010
The London Financial Regulation Seminar, together with the FMG and STICERD, hosted a public lecture by Professor Laurence J Kotlikoff, professor of economics at Boston University.  A podcast of the lecture is available here|.