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The Financial Markets Group Research Centre (FMG) was established in 1987 at the LSE. The FMG is a leading centre in Europe for policy research into financial markets. It is the focal point of the LSE's research communication with the business, policy making and international finance communities. The FMG works alongside the Department of Finance to understand problems in financial markets and in the decision-making processes of corporations, banks and regulators.


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3 November: Public Lecture

Brexit and Implications for Bulgarian Workers and Students in the UK

Speaker: Dr Andrey Kovachev (Member of the Presidency of the European Parliament and the Committee on Foreign Affairs, Vice-President of the Union of European Federalists)

The results of the Brexit referendum have raised questions about the future of European workers and students in the United Kingdom. Dr Kovachev will address the concerns raised, and discuss the approach European institutions are taking in the upcoming negotiations with the UK government. Read more.

The event is open to all but registration is required. To register please email Liz Bunting (e.bunting@lse.ac.uk).


Heading for a fall? With summer over, Europe must face up to its mounting crises


Right now, Europe has more problems on its hands than at any time in recent memory. FMG's Simeon Djankov examines Europe's prospects in the light of the Brexit vote, the migration crisis, and discontent among remaining EU member states. Read more.


Why London won't lose its crown as Europe's financial capital


Following the Brexit vote, a number of cities are queuing up to take London's place as Europe's financial centre. However, the FMG's Simeon Djankov sees a numer of reasons to suggest that London will retain its position. Read more.


Is Europe spending too much?

With a loose monetary policy, public sectors have little incentive to modernise, argues the FMG's Simeon Djankov in the LSE Business Review.

Read more.


Is European Red Tape a Real Reason for Brexit? Hardly

Business leaders – notably James Dyson and the CEO of JCB – have cited the scale of EU regulation as a reason to leave, and voters have been persuaded. Yet some of this criticism is unjustified, writes Simeon Djankov. Indeed, the UK was instrumental in setting up the European Commission’s Regulatory Scrutiny Board, whose purpose is to clamp down on unnecessary red tape. Read more.


As well as high-profile public lectures, the FMG runs numerous seminar series, workshops and conferences throughout the year. To learn more, browse all upcoming FMG events and seminars.