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Tel: +44 (0) 207 955 7002/6301/3569
Email:  fmg@lse.ac.uk|

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The Financial Markets Group Research Centre at LSE is one of the leading centres in Europe for academic research into financial markets.
Moqi Xu

British Academy grant for FMG staff member|

The British Academy’s Research Awards Committee has chosen to support new research by Dr Moqi Xu| of the FMG and LSE Department of Finance. The work, on CEO Contract Incentives, aims to answer many predictions of contract theory models that are still untested, and will receive funding of just under £10,000. Read more.|

Deutsche Bank

Deutsche Bank essay competition|

We are now accepting papers for the 2014 Deutsche Bank Prize in Financial Risk Management and Regulation. The competition is open to all LSE PhD and MSc students, with the winner receiving £15,000.

To read more about the prize click here.|

Please note that the deadline to apply is Friday 30th May 2014.


DB Fellows for 2014-15|

We are pleased to announce that Jonathan Pinder is the new Deutsche Bank fellow for 2014-15. He joins Hoyong Choi, our existing fellow, whose fellowship is being renewed for 2014-15. You can read more about the fellows and the programme here.|


PWC Scholars for 2014-15|

The Paul Woolley Centre (PWC) has announced its scholars for 2014-15 as Alex Clymo, Sergei Glebkin, Shiyang Huang and Isabelle Roland. You can read more about the scholars and the programme here.|

Tom Kirchmaier

FMG Research Associate awarded a SWIFT grant|

Dr Tom Kirchmaier| (FMG), along with his co-researcher Dr Renée Adams, has been awarded a SWIFT grant. The SWIFT Institute| have awarded Tom and Renée a grant of €15,000 for their study on gender diversity which will offer a global perspective of women in finance through the first cross-country study on the topic of gender diversity on boards of financial firms.

Juanita Gonzalez-Uribe

FMG staff awarded NBER research grant|

We are pleased to announce that the Innovation Policy Working Group of the National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER)| has selected Dr Moqi Xu| and Dr Juanita Gonzalez-Uribe| to receive a $10,000 research grant for their research proposal on CEO contract horizon and innovation. Read more.|

Christopher Polk_ newer

FMG Director awarded EIF research grant|

The Scientific Committee of the Europlace Institute of Finance (EIF|) has awarded a research grant to Dr Dong Lou| and Professor Christopher Polk| (Director of the FMG). Their research paper, "Booms and busts of beta arbitrage: measuring the extent of the low-beta crowd”, secured a €10,000 award. Read more.|  


Rate rise pattern is different time|

ft.com, 2 April 2014

The US Federal Reserve’s forward guidance last May that it would soon begin to “taper” its asset purchases marked the start of a new phase of global monetary normalisation, writes Charles Goodhart (FMG) in article for The Financial Times. Read more.|


Anthony Hilton: Calls for change to an absurd system|

standard.co.uk, 1 April 2014

There is mounting evidence that much of today's financial system is dysfunctional and that too often it meets its own needs rather than those of its clients. Paul Woolley (founder of the Paul Woolley Centre is quoted). Read more|

Why markets are inefficient and what can be done about it?|

Financial Times, 9 March 2014

Markets are not perfectly efficient. More or less everyone agrees to this in the wake of the financial crisis. So why are markets inefficient, and what can be done about it? The most popular answer is to blame human nature. Paul Woolley (Founder of the Paul Woolley Centre) however thinks he is on his way to a new answer. On his reading, the problem is lodged in the division between principals and agents. Read more.|

Annuities: What now for retirement income?|

bbc.co.uk, 20 March 2014

A change in pension rules heralded in the chancellor's speech means a retiree can now draw their entire pension in one go, if they wish. For some, the freedom will mean retirement planning that can better suit their needs. But what does it mean for the centuries-old annuity, and the security of an income for life which it provides? Tom Kirchmaier (FMG Research Associate) is quoted. Read more.|

London regulator brings heavier touch to banking rules|

Bloomberg.com, 12 February 2014

Martin Wheatley (head of the UK Financial Conduct Authority) last year handed out £474 million in fines to financial firms, more than seven times higher than in 2011. However UK penalties still pale in comparison to those levied on banks by US authorities. Tom Kirchmaier (FMG) is quoted.  Read more.|

Goodhart: regulatory reform 'won't stop next crisis'|

risk.net, 30 January 2014

Charles Goodhart (FMG Programme Director) spoke at the Systemic Risk Centre (SRC) public lecture 'the next crisis'| on the 28th January. The evening was an opportunity for the panel of experts to debate the effectiveness of the response to the 2007-08 crisis. Read more.|


There are no FMG events planned over the School's Easter break. Details of our Summer Term events will be posted here once available. Please check back later.