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Lunchtime Workshops

All seminars take place at 1pm in Room R405, 4th floor, Lionel Robbins Building, 10 Portugal Street.  The Lunchtime Workshop is for FMG staff or by invitation only. 

All papers have been made available in PDF format, unless otherwise stated

Lent Term 2015

14 January 2015: Sabrina T. Howell (Harvard University)
Financing Constraints as Barriers to Innovation: Evidence form R&D Grants to Energy Startups|

20 January 2015: Ben Schoefer (Harvard University)
The Financial Channel of Wage Rigidity|

21 January 2015: Francesca Zucchi (Swiss Finance Institute)
Internal-External Liquidity Feedbacks|

26 January 2015: Daan Struyven (MIT)
Housing Lock: Dutch Evidence on the Impact of Negative Home Equity on Household Mobility|

27 January 2015: Sheng Li (University of California, Berkeley)
The Influence of Financial Advisers on Return Chasing|

28 January 2015: Paul Whelan (Imperial College London)
Model Disagreement and Real Bonds|

2 February 2015: Peter van Tassel (Princeton University)
Merger Options and Risk Arbitrage|

3 February 2015: Peter Kelly (Yale University)
The Information Content of Realized Losses|

4 February 2015: Janis Skrastins (London Business School)
Firm Boundaries and Financial Contracts|

9 February 2015: Hongda Zhong (University of Minnesota)
A Dynamic Model of Optimal Creditor Dispersion|

10 February 2015: Bernard Herskovic (NYU)
Networks in Production: Asset Pricing Implications| 

11 February 2015: Benjamin Hebert (Harvard University)
Moral Hazard and the Optimality of Debt|

16 February 2015: Indrajit Mitra (MIT)
Aggregate Dynamics in an Economy with Optimal Long Term Financing|

17 February 2015: Emil Siriwdne (NYU)
Concentrated Capital Losses and the Pricing of Corporate Credit Risk|

18 February 2015: Yaron Levi (UCLA)

25 February 2015: Mariana Khapko (Stockholm School of Economics)

The Lunchtime Workshop is for FMG staff or by invitation only.

This timetable is subject to change, please check the website for regular updates.