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Measuring Systemic Risk and Issues for Macroprudential Regulation

  • Dates: 24-25 January 2011(afternoon only on 24 Jan)
  • Venue: Bank of England (use Museum entrance on Bartholomew Lane)
  • Organisers: Jon Danielsson (FMG, LSE), Kevin James (Bank of England), Charles Goodhart (FMG, LSE)
  • Conference programme [PDF]

Systemic risk is set to become a centre point in any future financial regulatory systems, however our understanding of how to measure and manage systemic risk is in the early stages. The focus of this conference is to bring together state of the art research in systemic risk, addressing issues such as the measurement of systemic risk, the impact for macro prudential regulations and policy design.


For further information please contact the FMG (fmg@lse.ac.uk).

The FMG gratefully acknowledges the generous support from the AXA Research Fund and CCBS, Bank of England.

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